5 Reasons You Should Have Shea Butter in Your Beauty Routine ...

It’s something that you have probably seen on the bottles and tubs of lots of different beauty and skin care products over the years, but do you actually know what the benefits of shea butter are? The name in itself definitely conjures thoughts of creamy moisturisation and luxury, and I’m sure that you already own a bunch of things that contain it, but it’s always good to know exactly what positives you are getting from your products, right? Here are five of the key reasons you should have shea butter in your beauty routine.

1. Head to Toe

The great thing about shea butter is that you really can use it from head to toe! You can use it on your hair, you can use it on your lips, your skin, and you can even make wonderful homemade sugar scrubs using it as a base. When it comes to shea butter, the possibilities are endless!