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There is a lot of a conflicting advice about caring for our vagina. While some may advise us to ‘do nothing’ down there, we’re still shaving, bleaching and waxing our private parts so why not add a skin care line to help elevate our self-care? One that will soothe, plump and smooth our most intimate regions?

The good news is – there is a brand dedicated to this!

REJUCREAM is an innovative breakthrough in skincare, bringing the best of skincare to the most intimate area of a woman’s body – her vagina. It empowers and emboldens her through each application as she becomes reconnected with herself. After all, women deserve a product that allows them to provide the same level of care down there as they would for their face.

At the foundation of each REJUCREAM product is the RejuVstem: a complex based on over five years of research with dermatologists and gynecologists that uses the world’s foremost skincare ingredients to bring nourishing, softening, rejuvenating and protecting benefits to intimate feminine skin.

More than just a formula, the Rejuvenate by REJUCREAM line is a skincare system for women of all ages designed to elevate her daily ritual of self-care, and reconnect with her overall physical and emotional wellbeing.

REJUCREAM recently debuted Rejuvenate, a revitalizing cream created to respect the pH balance while protecting woman's intimate area. In fact, 9 in 10 women reported a difference in their intimate well-being in just 20 days. Event better:

Rejuvenate serves the needs of women throughout the ages and stages of their lives:

1. Millennials

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Whether you’re wearing clothing that irritates your vagina (from synthetic underwear to tight jeans) or grooming (shaving or waxing) in a way that may aggravate the skin near your vagina, it’s not uncommon for this generation to experience discomfort. While you may think this irritating sensation is normal, you don’t have to endure it. Rejuvenate smooths your intimate areas while offering a layer of protection that will hydrate and soothe your vagina.

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