Remarkable French Beauty Products πŸ’‹ for Women with Serious French Vibes πŸ‡«πŸ‡· ...

There’s something enchanting about foreign beauty products. Whether it’s the latest in Korean sheet masks or a fabulous French fragrance you can’t seem to get enough of, there’s a certain je ne sais quoi about using products that are outside of our immediate beauty circle. Mastering French beauty and fashion has long been a hot topic for women from all over the world due to the effortlessly chic vibes that French women exude. It’s one thing to try something new but it’s a whole other story when you can try sought-after beauty products from another country! Keep scrolling to see some phenomenal French beauty finds that are available stateside.

1. ChloΓ© Love Story Eau De Parfum

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Can we even talk about French beauty without mentioning iconic French fashion house, ChloΓ©? Although most ChloΓ© items are way above my budget, I have had the opportunity to try their perfumes and it’s basically everything you imagine a luxurious French fragrance to smell like. It’s subtle yet bold at the same time with lush florals.

Available at for $75-$180

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