10 Fabulous Beauty Tips That Will save You Time ...

By Eliza

10 Fabulous  Beauty Tips  That Will save You Time  ...

I think one of the biggest conundrums that women face is that they want to look great, but they don’t always have time to master a full look. Well, guess what? With some time saving beauty tips, you can get the exact look you’ve always wanted without having to get up hours early to get it done. Sounds pretty great, right? Check out these fast and furious beauty tips and you’ll see just what I mean.

1 Practice Your Routine when You Have Lots of Time

A busy weekday morning isn’t the best time to practice getting the look you want. Save it for the weekends and plan to put in some time trying and retrying the look you’re after. Over the course of a few weekends, you should have no trouble mastering the makeup you want to put on. Then, once you’re comfortable with it, you can easily bang it out on even the busiest of mornings.

2 Make Double Duty Products a Part of Your Routine

Instead of having a separate product for every single part of your beauty routine, stash products that do more than one job. Choose a skin moisturizer with tinter added or use a creamy stick that can go on cheeks and eyes. Whichever items you choose, you’ll be amazed at how much time you save not having to open separate cosmetics for each part of your face.

3 Slap on Some Dry Shampoo in Crazy Mornings

No time to wash your strands? It happens to everyone. Instead of being stuck with limp, greasy hair, use a good quality dry shampoo. This innovative little miracle product is designed to soak up the oil and leave you with lustrous shiny hair in mere seconds. Make sure you follow the package directions closely to get the most out of your dry shampoo.

4 Wear Nail Wraps Instead of Wasting Time with Polish

Traditional nail polish takes ages to dry completely so when you’re short on time it makes zero sense to try and paint your nails. Instead, use nail wraps, which simply adhere straight to your nail and give you a polished look in just a few minutes. Wraps are available in lots of colors and patterns so the options are limitless.

5 Do as Much as Possible the Night before

Here’s something I have learned over the years. Prepping at night can save you tons of time in the morning. Do your deep skin treatments before bed, wash your hair at night and let it air dry while you sleep and apply products that have to sit for a while in the evening (such as hair oil or a facial mask). That way when you wake up you are already well on your way to gorgeous.

6 Use a Stick on Your Lips

Instead of messing around with liner, lipstick and setting powder, makeup experts recommend using a stick product instead. You can get the color you love and crave on your lips, but it’s easy to get it just right with a stick instead of the three-part process you’ve been doing all along.

7 Air Dry Your Hair and Forget the Blow Dryer

Sounds crazy, right? Most girls have some natural texture and shine that really comes out when hair is left to its own devices. Wavy and curly hair is big right now so if that’s what your mama gave you, it’s perfectly fine to forgo the blowouts and let your natural hair take the spotlight. It saves loads of time and you’re sure to get tons of compliments!

8 Have the Right Cut

Your haircut is important when it comes to style time. Shorter hair may seem easier to style however some people find it more difficult because you can't just it throw up and go. Picking the right cut for your time is going to be a lifesaver!

9 Use an Overnight Mask

Looking to cut down on your nightly facial routine? Invest in a good overnight hydrating mask. The bonus of products like these mean you won't be moisturizing in the morning before applying makeup.

10 Multi-task

Instead of feeling like you don't have enough time, make the best use of the time you do have. Check emails while making coffee, brush your teeth while your product is soaking in your hair, or easily line your eye while curling lashes by using a pencil (not gel) liner and applying to the curler so it hits the lid when you go to curl.

What time saving tricks can you share?

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