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Secrets to Maintaining That Hot Slim Body ...

By Tara

As a mom of three with a fourth child on the way, I am in the best shape of my life now from healthy eating, exercise and several other reasons that I will be sure to share. In fact, I am in better physical fitness shape now than even in my teens. This is from life choices and making changes to prioritize my health. I also realize now that small changes add up to make a big difference. And I also have some secrets to maintain a hot slim body and super health. These are things that you can follow to change your life. So before you blame it on genetics or lack of motivation tune in to the real life secrets to just how you can maintain a hot slim body.

1 Exercise Early

Exercise Early Rise and sweat to start the day the right way. If you exercise bright and early you will get your workout out of the way and there's less chance of missing your fitness session. We make time for what it important to us so make time for your workout and maintain your slim sexy body. If I can do it working full time with 3 kids, you can do! It all is within you!

2 Engage Your Core

Engage Your Core I am constantly tightening my core when I work out and even when I am doing simple tasks like standing in line at the grocery store. Engaging your core will help train your muscles to stay tight and toned so you can see better muscle definition.

3 Stand Tall

Stand Tall Stand up tall and be proud of your physique with strong posture. Aside from feeling more confident, you will look slimmer when you stand tall. Studies show that good posture can make you appear to be 10 pounds lighter. So stand tall, slim and smile!

4 Tighten Your Muscles

Tighten Your Muscles Tighten your muscles isolating each muscle separately. Start with your abs, then the muscles in your legs, then calves and do not forget your arms. This is what body builders do before a show and for good reason; you are training your muscles to stay tight. So let’s tighten, tone and get the slim, sexy body you always dreamed of!

5 Drink Plenty of Water

Drink Plenty of Water Water does good because it helps remove toxins from your body, betters your skin, organs and helps your body to function more efficiently. An efficient body is better at burning fat and can mean a boosted metabolism. So aim for 10 glasses of water a day to keep a slim, sexy body to stay!

6 Eat Small Healthy Meals through Day

Eat Small Healthy Meals through Day Mini meals do good in terms of effective metabolic functioning, avoid having mood swings and never feel hungry again. Small meals throughout the day, along with exercise is the answer to achieving and maintaining your best body yet. Just make sure your meals are heavy on the veggies, whole grains and fruits!

7 Get to Bed Earlier

Get to Bed Earlier Get to bed sleepy head; your body will thank you with more weight loss, more energy and you will just feel better. You will also avoid secreting the hormone cortisol which causes you to gain weight. Aim for 7-9 hours of sleep per night!

8 Consume the Right Fatty Acids

human action, clothing, person, human positions, product, By making sure you have enough omega 3, omega 6, and 9 fatty acids, you are making sure your body has essential nutrients to maximize your body's natural fat burning process by upping metabolic rate and energy levels. If that's not enough, them take comfort in knowing they help the kidneys release water which accounts for that pesky water weight gain.

9 Watch Your Snacks

clothing, person, muscle, active undergarment, bodybuilding, While it's true that you should snack between meals (6 small meal rule) and while they do provide needed energy to sustain you during the day, you also have to be aware of WHAT your snacking on and HOW MUCH. It kind of counters all your other work if you decide to snack on a family size bag of Doritos during the day.

10 Portion Size

dish, food, meal, breakfast, lunch, This goes along with what I said about snacking-be aware of sizes! Get a food scale, start doing food prep, whatever it takes to be conscious of what you're eating. By being aware of sizes and being conscious of when/what you're eating throughout the day, you will be amazed at how much you can slim down. Portion sizes really are important y'all! :)

These are secrets that I follow every day. Do you have any to add? Maybe you now take the stairs when you can or avoid fried food? Share what works for you and take a page from my book to help you achieve your goals

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