Sensational Pin-up Worthy Beauty Tips for Girls with Curves ...


Sensational  Pin-up Worthy Beauty Tips for Girls with Curves ...
Sensational  Pin-up Worthy Beauty Tips for Girls with Curves ...

Being a plus size or curvy girl doesn’t mean you have
to compromise on style and swagger. The classic pin-up style is timeless, from the graphic eyeliner to the gorgeous bold red lip to the form-fitting corset, what’s not to love! Check out these must know beauty tips from for plus sized girls wanting to become a pin up, by adding some glamour to your overall look.

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Work Your Contour

color, face, facial expression, red, white, Having the right contour game can help you create a more slender visage, and can also help you pronounce your cheekbones. With the right makeup, even having a a double chin can be hidden (within reason).


Bold Lipstick is a GO!

face, red, hair, clothing, nose, Bold lipstick really brings out your inner pinup goddess, regardless of your size. Choose a bold red hue that compliments your skin tone, and you will be good to go. If you want to further accentuate your pout, dab just a little bit of lip gloss on the center of your lips.


Dress for Your Body Shape

clothing, person, pink, lady, dress, The biggest mistake a curvy girl can make is to choose clothes that aren’t tailored to your body type. The right clothing for your style will accentuate the right curves and downplay the wrong ones. Don’t be afraid to show a little skin, either. If you know the right clothing type, it will be sexy, no matter what size you are.


Make Sure to Show Your Eyelashes and Eyebrows Love

clothing, black, photography, lady, black hair, Your eyelashes and eyebrows are what give your face a lot of shape and definition. They are also a major component in making your eyes “pop” in a seriously glamorous look. So, always wear mascara and invest in some good brow pencils.


Take Care of Your Skin

face, skin, head, hairstyle, bride, Even though pinup isn’t known for tanning, it doesn’t mean that you can’t get damage from just going out without sunscreen. If you really want to keep slaying for years to come, you’ll invest in a good skin care regimen and some decent sunblock.


Don’t Go for Harsh Eyes

eyebrow, face, lip, nose, eyelash, Angular eyeliner and things that would accentuate a “pointed” look to your face won’t look natural nor will it look flattering. Rather, go for a more soft, feminine, and smoky look. Think sultry, rather than edgy.


When in Doubt, Go Natural on the Eyes

hair, face, doll, clothing, beauty, If it’s a bit too early for smoky eyes, a crisp winged eyeliner look on bright, natural eyes will look great in a pinch. And, you don’t have to be plus-size to have this trick work for you.


Go Bold for Your Hair

hair, person, clothing, human positions, beauty, There’s a reason why so many plus-sized pinup models have bright red, black, or bleach blonde hair. Bold hair colors are great for pulling attention to your face, evening out your look, and also making a strong punk-rock statement.


Most Pixie Cuts Won’t Work

person, woman, face, geisha, hairstyle, Short hair on a large frame tends to make you look a little bit unbalanced. If you want to really wow people and show off your curves the right way, avoid pixie looks, and just focus on middle to long length, high volume cuts.


But Don’t Go for Cliches

face, eyebrow, cheek, nose, black hair, If you really want to stand out among pinups, don’t go for the cliche haircuts that you see with other pinup models. Get inventive, and don’t be shy about adding volume. You want your hair to be a mane, and a sexy one at that!


The Glasses CAN Make the Look

eyewear, hair, glasses, vision care, pink, Sexy retro glasses are a great way to really set your look apart from everyone else’s, and they also make it easy to do a “come hither” flirting move in a pinch. We suggest cat eye frames for that extra sassy pinup twist.


Don’t Be Afraid of Rocking V-Necks with Necklaces

red, person, woman, clothing, lady, This is a good way to bring some attention to your breasts in a classy, tasteful, and delightfully retro way. Might we suggest pearls?


When in Doubt of What Colors to Use, Go for Classic Combinations

face, hair, clothing, pink, beauty, A Bettie Page combo of black hair, blue eyes, and red lips will be sure to please. A Marilyn Monroe combo of red-pink lipstick, blue eyeshadow, and strong blush will also work well in the pinup world. For ethnic looks, gold hued eyeshadow will create incredibly dramatic looks that contour and flatter in a pinch. Never hesitate to get inspired by your favorite sex symbol.


Corsets Can Accentuate Hourglasses like Nothing else

hair, clothing, human positions, black hair, sitting, Have an hourglass body? Want to make it curvier? Add a corset and learn how to tightlace. Your figure will look incredible, and it will give your breasts an extra lift. What’s not to love?


Don’t Be Shy about Getting Great Hair Accessories

woman, person, clothing, lady, girl, The right hair wrap, flower, or bobby pins can bring a drab look into a fab look within a matter of seconds. Investing in good hair accessories is never, ever a bad idea.

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