21 Sets of Eyebrows πŸ‘€ That Are Very Much Not ⛔️ on Fleek 😱 ...

I don't like to denigrate anyone for their physical appearance … but. I make a special exception for eyebrows. Why? Because for several years, I walked around with horribly dark, Joan-Crawford-crazy eyebrows, happy as a clam, and didn't know any better until someone finally called me out on my forehead mess. Sometimes people walk out of their house thinking their eyebrows look good and they do not. Their attempts at on fleek grooming are just a little … off.

1. Sperm Eyebrows Are Never on Fleek

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Let's start with something simple. Did anyone else have these eyebrows? I sure did. Did anyone tell you that they didn't look good? No one told me! I'm going to guess no one told this poor girl either. The sperm shape is, sadly, a sometimes necessary evil. It popped up a lot in the late '90s and early '00s as the thin eyebrow trend was slowly replaced with a thicker, more natural look. In between, there's just … this.

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