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Oriental culture is fascinating, don’t you think? The architecture and way of life is interesting and the food is to die for. As with any culture, the people who live in Oriental regions have their own set of beauty ideals that may differ greatly from other parts of the world. While we might not understand them, the Oriental population have some shocking beauty ideals that you might not believe. Who are we to judge though? Here are some that you might understand and others that are probably going to blow your mind.

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Face Shrinking

The Japanese people have invented a sauna mask that is designed to shrink the wearer’s face. It works by covering the face, except for the eyes and ears. The idea is that the heat from the mask induces heavy sweating and reduces the size of the face. The results are likely temporary, but could give you the slim face you want for a special occasion.


Teeth Molds

You’d think everyone would want straight, white teeth, right? Not so in some Oriental circles. In fact, some people wear a mold that gives them the appearance of having a snaggletooth. Beauty definitely changes from place to place, doesn’t it? The molds snap onto your real teeth and can change up your look when you want them to.


Double Eyelid

Did you even know such a thing existed? The Caucasian eyelids are apparently a coveted thing in some Oriental cultures. I’m not sure why because I think Asian girls are gorgeous. But, for those that want the double eyelid look comes the eyelid trainer device. It’s worn like a pair of eyeglasses and it is supposed to train your eyelids to get bigger every time you blink.


Young Looking Cheeks

We all want to look young and fresh and the Oriental women are no exception. In fact, many of them use anti-aging cheek stretchers. They are worn for about 15 minutes per day and are supposed to eliminate wrinkles and keep the cheeks looking line free. The stretchers are reusable and machine washable.


High Nose

Many Oriental women want a nose that sits higher on their face. I guess I don’t understand the need to change your nose because I have never seen one that was so awful that it should be different. However, for women who want to lift their nose is the handy High Nose Beauty Lift device. It’s worn on the face and is supposed to reshape the nose so it looks perky and high. Would you try it?


Bagel Head

Who doesn’t love a bagel, right? The Oriental love them so much that having a bagel shape on the forehead is a growing beauty trend. It’s achieved by having saline injections in the forehead to create the bagel shape. The look is about extreme body modification, which is popular in some Oriental cultures. The look is temporary and will fade after several hours.


Long Legs

Long legs as a beauty ideal aren’t shocking, but the lengths that many people will go to to get them is. In China, some people have undergone leg lengthening surgeries where metal rods are placed in their legs so they appear taller. Height is a beauty ideal that many cultures understand, but using such drastic measures to get there is shocking to some people.

Are you shocked? Would you do any of these things?

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I'm not Asian, nor do I know much about the different cultures within them, but I feel that this article would be offensive. I highly doubt that every "oriental" (what ever that means) have to same beauty standard and procedures done on themselves.

i'm not even going to harp on the other stuff, but double eyelids are not 'Caucasian' eyelids. there are plenty of Asians (East, South East, South, and so forth) with double eyelids, as do many other races. i agree with some of the other commenters: you may think you're being open-minded and all with this, but you just come off as incredibly ignorant. and the bagel head thing was a short lived trend in Japan only, never a beauty 'ideal'. please do your research first.

Ok- I thought about it overnight and read a few articles. I think the main reason why people are complaining is that the term oriental is Eurocentric and highly alienating for an Asian American like me. The word itself casts "orientals" as foreigners, exotic and bizarre... The article's wording also enforces this. People also may feel it generalizes "orientals" as a whole rather than a set of races with different beliefs and culture. (Again, that the culture is somehow odd or bizarre just because it is different from American and European cultures.) I understand that the author meant no harm, and I don't blame them. I'm just explaining why it may have felt a little offending or insensitive to readers. Hope this helps. P.S. neecey- with all due respect, people are upset for specific reasons. maybe we should try to understand each other and why we feel this way rather than brushing it off.

So many things are wrong with this article.

Deeby nailed it.

I feel that this article is not accurate and tries to generalize. Please keep in mind every culture has a few outliers.

Chill. Lol

I know nos 1, 3, 5, 6, & 7 are accurate. I'm an Asian myself. But never in my wildest dream I will do any of these. I'm contented with my beauty.

I'm Chinese and therefore I am not shocked but all these. However I believe everyone has their own beauty and uniqueness! Therefore love yourself and do not change just because everyone else is changing

Those people doing these are minority. 😑

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