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7 Signs You May Have Let Go of Your Appearance ...

By Alicia

Have you let go of your appearance as time has passed? Maybe you have got married, got cozy in a happy relationship or just got busy with life. It happens to the best of us. You feel very comfortable and secure so you just kind of let go of your appearance. These are some signs it may have happened to you and some things you can do to get yourself back on track.

1 You Let Your Figure Go

One of the first signs you have let go of your appearance is that your figure has changed, maybe even drastically. This is easy enough to do. Sometimes we just become complacent and tend to overlook taking care of ourselves. Thankfully, there are things that you can do to get back on track. Start watching what you eat and exercising again. Soon enough your old figure will be making a return appearance.

2 You Don’t Wear Makeup like You Once Did

You can certainly be a true beauty without makeup but if you once wore makeup and don’t any longer, is it because you have let go of your appearance? Maybe it just seems too much of an effort. Perhaps you just don’t feel you have time for makeup application with small children or a demanding career. You can change this. You don’t even have to go back to your old makeup routine if you don’t want to. Try finding a five minute makeup routine that works for you in your life now.

3 You Don’t Put Any Effort into Your Hair

Has the messy bun become your normal, daily hairstyle? Most of us are guilty of clipping our hair up out of our face sometimes but if you rarely ever take time to style it and you once did, maybe you have let your appearance go a little. Look back on some pictures of yourself before the messy bun was your norm. Do you miss your old styles? If you do, you can try putting a bit more effort into styling your hair again.

4 You Find Yourself in Slouchy Clothes More Often than Not

Yoga pants are a trap, ladies. Once you get used to the comfort of them, it is hard to go back to other clothing. I have had to fight this trap myself. But we are all worth the effort it takes to look nice. Take the time and put in the effort needed to dress nicely.

5 You Don’t Take Pride in Yourself

Did you used to take more pride in your appearance than you do now? Did you devote more effort to it? Maybe you cared more about how you look than you do now? If this is true, you may have stopped taking pride in your appearance. This is something that you just have to make a decision to care more about.

6 You Don’t Work out like You Once Did

Exercise is something that can easily fall by the wayside when life gets busy. It is hard to make time for everything as your life changes and your responsibilities increase. You just have to make a decision to make yourself a priority. You will find that other things do find a way to fall in place around time for exercise. Your health and your appearance are absolutely worth the time and effort it takes to get a workout in.

7 You Feel Embarrassed of the Changes in Your Body

If you feel embarrassed by the changes in your body, you may have let go of your appearance. Some changes are inevitable. We are all going to age and change to some extent, but there is no reason we can’t continue to try to look our best at all stages of our lives. It makes you feel a lot better about yourself.

These are some signs that you may have let go of your appearance. Do you see any of these signs in yourself? Does this give you motivation to get back on track?

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