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Signs You're More Attractive than You Think ...

By Carly

For many different reasons, there seems to be a curse going around the women of this world that shatters their self-confidence and makes them think that they aren’t sweet, cute, sexy, and beautiful. Well, I am here to tell you that you absolutely are! Sure, overconfidence in your own looks isn’t something that is regarded as a positive quality, but you definitely need to be able to be happy with yourself and know that you aren’t this kind of ugly lump that your mind sometimes tries to tell you that you are. Here are some classic signs you are more attractive than you think.

1 People Rarely Compliment You

This might like the opposite of how it should be, but you might find that you don’t get as many compliments from other women as your friends do. This isn’t because you aren’t’ deserving of them, it’s because deep down other people are jealous of you, and therefore more willing to withhold their compliments!

2 Apathetic Compliments

And when you do receive compliments, they tend to sound rather apathetic. This is because the person giving the compliment assumes that you already know you look great, because you do! Compliment givers usually sound more enthusiastic when they are talking to someone who they think has low confidence!


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3 Stranger Eye Contact

You find that strangers often try to make eye contact with you when you are out of the house, on the bus and in town etc. You might think it’s because they are looking at you out of morbid curiosity, but it’s really because you are stunning!

4 Raised Brows

You will notice that people raise their eyebrows when they are looking at you. This is something that the body does when you see something that you like, or that gives you visual pleasure. They aren’t shocked by your face, they are pleased by it!

5 Duck Lips

People make duck lips when they are looking at and conversing with you. Again, this is another natural thing that the body does, sort of going in to an automatic model pose in order to try to match the beauty that they see in front of them!

6 Closeness

People try to get closer to you than you might be comfortable with. Not necessarily in an overtly sexual way, but going in for more hugs than usual, touching your arm when talking to you, just little things that make them feel like they are becoming more intimate with you.

7 Complex Surprise

People are genuinely surprised when they learn that you have complexes about your looks. Not in a conciliatory way, but in a shocked way that shows you they have never even considered the thing that you might think about yourself.

8 Two Extremes

You will experience two types of relationships with new people that you meet. They will either be extremely polite to you or extremely dismissive, and that will depend on whether they want to get to know you better, or they are jealous of your beauty!

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