9 Simple Home Remedies for Puffy Eyes ...

Ever wish you had some home remedies for puffy eyes? Women have to juggle so many different things these days, with long days full of study or with more and more mothers working full-time alongside family commitments and trying to have a social life somewhere in between. So here are some home remedies for puffy eyes to help you out.

1. Water

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The easiest and cheapest of all of the home remedies for puffy eyes is to drink water. If you allow yourself to dehydrate, water retention can then cause eyelids and many other parts of your body to swell. You should also try and cut down your salt intake and avoid soda and coffee, which can increase dehydration. You’ll feel better overall as well, because the water will help to flush toxins from your body. For optimum results, drink ten glasses of water a day.

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