Simple Japanese Beauty Tips You Can Use Every Day ...


Simple Japanese Beauty Tips You Can Use Every Day ...
Simple Japanese Beauty Tips You Can Use Every Day ...

If you are properly invested in beauty and all of it’s wonderful areas, then you shouldn’t just look to your own culture to find inspiration and advice. There are so many simple Japanese beauty tips. Throughout history, one country and culture that has always been renowned for its on point beauty regime and benefits is Japan. Japanese beauty culture is a culture that has managed to influence nearly every other country in the world over time, and one of the main reasons for this is because the majority of their core pointers are extremely effective and also extremely simple. Beauty doesn’t have to be complicated! Here are some simple Japanese beauty tips to take up for yourself.

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Green Tea

green, leaf, plant, design, illustration, Green tea is drunk by Japanese women pretty much all day from the early morning until the mid-afternoon and is one of the best simple Japanese beauty tips! It is said to have lots of anti-aging properties thanks antioxidants, catechins and polyphenols, and it can also help to keep you nice and calm through the day. Traditionally, no sweeteners are added to green tea, it’s actually considered an insult to mix it with sugar!


Avoid the Sun

pink, sun hat, hat, headgear, fashion accessory, This is a tip that has helped the skin of Japanese woman for thousands of years! Whilst most cultures like to lay in the sun all day, the Japanese beauty industry promotes being out under the rays for no longer than 15 minutes a day. This obviously will help to preserve the health of your skin and keep you looking younger for longer.


Walk Everywhere

fun, girl, fashion, summer, vacation, Follow the Japanese health tip of walking whenever your destination is within walking distance. We have become so reliant on things like cars and buses that we have forgotten just how good a few short to medium length walks can do us every day. This will improve your heart health and help you to gain a pair of killer legs!


Smaller Plates

material, table, graphics, font, Sometimes portion control is just a matter of tricking your mind. We don’t like to see a big plate with only a small amount of food on it, so if you use smaller plates like they do in Japan, you will get the sense of eating a full meal even if it is a smaller portion than you are used to.



pink, bride, flower, function hall, marriage, This is a Japanese word that means friends, and more commonly refers to tea dates that Japanese women enjoy with their besties! This is good for emotional health and beauty as much as physical, getting together to enjoy some healthy snacks, whilst also putting away your electronic devices and enjoying some quality human time instead!

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