5 Simple Personal Hygiene Mistakes to Avoid ...


When it comes to personal hygiene, I hope it’s safe to say that we are all very aware of the basics. We shower, we exfoliate, we deodorize, all that good stuff that keeps up looking and smelling fresh, but what about the hygiene tips that you aren’t so familiar with? There are definitely a few things that some people do that are not recommended, so you should probably keep on reading to make sure that you are not one of those people! Here are five simple personal hygiene mistakes to avoid, along with all of the basics that you already know!

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Shoes with No Socks

It might be one of the biggest fashion trends right now, but sneakers with no socks really isn’t something you want to be doing regularly. Your feet sweat, on average, about half a pint per day, so when there is no sock layer to act as a cushion, that sweat seeps directly into your footwear to raise the risk of fungal infection. Not to mention, stinky shoes!


Dirty Makeup Brushes

Your makeup brushes might be able to sort you out in terms of beauty products every day, but don’t forget that they need to be cleaned regularly. If you are prone to skin breakouts and irritation, it could well be that you haven’t thought to get all of that old bacteria and debris off of your brushes for a while.



The sensation of putting a Q-tip in your ear to dislodge wax might be one of the life’s greatest pleasures, but it’s something that you shouldn’t actually be doing! Rather than removing the wax, the shape of the tip mostly just pushes it further in, and if you go too hard you can also risk damaging the ear canal and eardrum.


Just Brushing Your Teeth

Hopefully all of us know to brush our teeth at least twice a day, but in truth we should be doing more than just the brushing. The majority of the bacteria that can actually to dental harm is stuck in the hard to get areas of your mouth and in between your teeth, so to get to these you need floss and use mouthwash alongside your usual brushing routine.


Dirty Towels

We are all guilty of using the same towel too many times in a row before grabbing for a new one. Just because you are using it on your post-showered body, and just because it has dried on the back of a chair, it doesn’t mean that it is fresh and clean for use. A smell will start to develop that will transfer to your body the more you use it!

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Do people still think u can use a towel more than once? So gross!! Where do u think all the germs go when you dry off with it? Oh yeah, I forgot, your clean when you get out of the shower, right? Or maybe a bath? Even better.. LOL!!

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