7 Simple Steps to a Slimmer Face ...


7 Simple Steps to a Slimmer Face ...
7 Simple Steps to a Slimmer Face ...

If you’re looking for a way to get a slimmer face without exercising or dieting, you’ve come to the right place! Savvy beauties have been contouring their faces for years and shaving pounds off of their face without the aid of a crash diet or spending hours at the gym! Trust, you can attain a slimmer face just as easily! Contouring can get tricky and you don’t want to end up looking like an extra for Rupaul’s Drag Race so read on for 7 simple steps to a slimmer face!

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Tool Time

Contouring to make your face appear slimmer is relatively easy but it’s essential to have the right tools or the results can be quite scary! Sift through your vast collection of brushes and grab an angled blush brush and a fluffy eye shadow brush. If you don’t own either of these brushes, feel free to get one at a drug store. You don’t have to use high-end brushes; they just have to have the right shape to get the trick right.


Get down with Brown

The next step in contouring your way to a slimmer face is to make sure you have the right colors. Look for matte brown colors and avoid anything with even a hint of shimmer in it. If you use anything that contains shimmer you will be one sparkly mess! Look for a matte brown blush or bronzer, those work perfect for this look! If you don’t own such rare beauty finds, a matte brown eye shadow works great as well and I’m sure we all own too many of those!


Go Fish

The best trick to getting a natural-looking slim face is to place the color at just the right areas. Pick up some color with your angled blush brush; make the infamous fish face without laughing and start swiping color under the cheekbone area. Blending is of utmost importance so start blending the color in with circular motions. Keep blending so you avoid having any harsh or telltale lines on your face. We’re trying to look slim here, not intimidating.


Be Nosy

When you’re contouring for a slimmer face, we mustn’t neglect our nose. Snatch your fluffy eye shadow brush and dip into your matte brown eye shadow and tap off any excess. You want to start applying the color from your eyebrow area on down. It might seem weird to start applying the color so high on your face, but this ensures a more natural look, trust me! You know the drill; star blending the color on your nose to buff away any lines and to even things out.


Highlight Your Life

Another crucial tool in using makeup to fake a slimmer face is using a highlighter. If you don’t currently own one, I highly suggest that you get one. Highlighters add a beautiful glow to your face and can totally transform your makeup look! Again, you don’t have to invest in a high-end highlighter to reap the benefits; you can just grab one at the drugstore for now. Apply highlighter directly on your cheekbones and bridge of your nose and blend away! Don’t you feel slimmer already?!


Make Yourself Blush

Grab your favorite blush and apply it to the apples of your cheeks only. I know the term «apples of your cheeks» is thrown around a lot and if you’re unsure where that is, I’m here to help! Now give me a big smile and look in the mirror, see the round area under your eye and on top of your cheekbone? That’s it; you’ve found your apples! Apply blush to that round area and blend the color out to complete your bombshell look!


Admire Your Work

Use these simple steps to get a slimmer face and soon you will be the envy of your girlfriends for being such a contouring expert! Also, these same steps can be used with cream eye shadow, bronzer or blush to achieve a slimming look. Cream formulas work best with normal-to-dry skin whereas powder works without almost all skin types.

Contouring to get a slimmer face can be life-changing when done correctly. Like with most other things in life and makeup, practice makes perfect so don’t be discouraged if you don’t get the perfect look on your first try. The first time I tried my hand at contouring I ended up getting a lot of get-well wishes from co-workers but I kept at it and got it right and I know you can too!

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