Simple Tattoos for Girls Who Don't Want Anything Too Intense ...


Getting inked is a big decision and maybe you don't want something huge and elaborate. A small, simple design is perfect and with so many choices out there, you are sure to find something that fits your personality. If you need some inspiration, I think these photos will give you just that. You're sure to be ready for your trip to the tattoo parlor after seeing these simple tattoos.

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Tiny Love

finger, leg, tattoo, arm, skin, Source: So quite simple - Tattoo


Map of the World

finger, leg, nail, pattern, arm, Source: Because We Were Infinite

Frequently asked questions

Simple tattoo designs for girls include small hearts, stars, flowers, tiny quotes, minimalistic animals, geometric shapes, and delicate symbols. These can be easily placed on wrists, ankles, behind the ear, or even on fingers for a subtle touch.

The pain from getting a tattoo depends on the location and your pain tolerance. Simple tattoos are often small and quick to ink, so the discomfort is usually minimal and doesn't last long.

Consider how visible you want your tattoo to be and if you need to hide it for professional reasons. Common spots for simple tattoos are areas like the wrist, ankle, collarbone, or shoulder. Pick a place that feels right for you.

Small tattoos generally heal faster than larger ones. It usually takes about 2-4 weeks for a simple tattoo to heal. Follow your tattoo artist's aftercare instructions to ensure proper healing.

The cost of a simple tattoo can vary depending on the artist and location but typically starts at around $50 to $100 for very small designs. Remember, quality work comes at a price, so it's important not to just go for the cheapest option.


Flock of Birds

blue, tattoo, finger, nail, arm, Source: Flying-tattoo Tumblr


Skull and Crossbones

color, face, eyebrow, cheek, nose, Source: The Skull Tattoos for Beginners


Simple Shoulder Flower

close up, skin, arm, tattoo, leg, Source: Download Free Wallpaper Backgrounds


Rings for Your Fingers

finger, nail, ring, pattern, hand, Source: simple ink Tumblr


Butterfly Hand Tattoo

tattoo, butterfly, arm, insect, moths and butterflies, Source: Butterfly Tattoos For Women


Adorable Little Elephant

tattoo, nose, arm, skin, leg, Source: Cool Tattoo Innovation Will Save


A Meaningful Symbol

leg, arm, thigh, finger, hand, Source: 24 Tattoos So Tiny Even


Enjoy the Silence

tattoo, arm, skin, hand, human body, Source: script tattoo Tumblr



tattoo, arm, finger, leg, skin, Source: Gallery For > Simple Diabetic



tattoo, arm, close up, skin, leg, Source: black line tattoo Tumblr



leg, arm, footwear, pattern, hand, Source: 66 Simple Female Wrist Tattoos


Hidden Anchor

Hidden Anchor Source: Cute Anchor Tattoo


Tiny Little Bow

bracelet, jewellery, finger, fashion accessory, arm, Source: 25 Simple Tattoos For Girls


Follow Your Heart

Ballet, face, eyebrow, handwriting, arm, Source: Foot Tattoo Ideas Tattoos Images


Something Colorful

tattoo, leg, close up, arm, skin, Source: Crazy Tattoo Designs Ideas For


Simple Stars

clothing, thigh, finger, tattoo, leg, Source: 7 Best Places To Get


Cool Feather

tattoo, arm, leg, hand, human body, Source: Tattoo Ideas for Girls, Simple


Moon Tattoo

leg, arm, tattoo, skin, organ, Source: women tattoos Archives - Tattoo


Love Fearlessly

finger, tattoo, leg, nail, arm, Source: 100's of Cute Girly Tattoo

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@christy what's wrong with that? There's nothing wrong with getting a tattoo just because you like it. It's a reminder of something you loved so much once that you got it tattooed on you. Sure they're "basic" but there's a reason for that, nearly everyone loves them. There's no difference between this and an intricate butterfly or other design, its a tattoo, obviously think about it before getting it to make regretting it unlikely but don't not get the tattoo because in 50 years you may regret it. If we lived like that nobody would have tattoos or do anything "bold" or trendy.

The ianchor. So intricate and simple but very deep.

My favorite is the Invisible tattoo. It's perfect for girls who don't like tattoos at all.


Nothing too intense? So basically these are for girls who want a tattoo just to get one. Guaranteed regret. Dumb.

Flock of birds

Tattoos on women gross...tattoos on hands double gross...tattoos no no why not put money in to something more life changing...

The map of the world

This article should be titled "basic white girl tattoos" lol.

Oh yeah, really simple. Skulls. Giant butterflies. World map

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