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Simple Tattoos for Girls Who Don't Want Anything Too Intense ...

By Eliza

Getting inked is a big decision and maybe you don't want something huge and elaborate. A small, simple design is perfect and with so many choices out there, you are sure to find something that fits your personality. If you need some inspiration, I think these photos will give you just that. You're sure to be ready for your trip to the tattoo parlor after seeing these simple tattoos.

1 Tiny Love

finger, leg, tattoo, arm, skin,Source: So quite simple - Tattoo

2 Map of the World

finger, leg, nail, pattern, arm,Source: Because We Were Infinite

3 Flock of Birds

blue, tattoo, finger, nail, arm,Source: Flying-tattoo Tumblr

4 Skull and Crossbones

color, face, eyebrow, cheek, nose,Source: The Skull Tattoos for Beginners

5 Simple Shoulder Flower

close up, skin, arm, tattoo, leg,Source: Download Free Wallpaper Backgrounds

6 Rings for Your Fingers

finger, nail, ring, pattern, hand,Source: simple ink Tumblr

7 Butterfly Hand Tattoo

tattoo, butterfly, arm, insect, moths and butterflies,Source: Butterfly Tattoos For Women

8 Adorable Little Elephant

tattoo, nose, arm, skin, leg,Source: Cool Tattoo Innovation Will Save

9 A Meaningful Symbol

leg, arm, thigh, finger, hand,Source: 24 Tattoos So Tiny Even

10 Enjoy the Silence

tattoo, arm, skin, hand, human body,Source: script tattoo Tumblr

11 Hope

tattoo, arm, finger, leg, skin,Source: Gallery For > Simple Diabetic

12 Kitty

tattoo, arm, close up, skin, leg,Source: black line tattoo Tumblr

13 Wanderlust

leg, arm, footwear, pattern, hand,Source: 66 Simple Female Wrist Tattoos

14 Hidden Anchor

Hidden AnchorSource: Cute Anchor Tattoo

15 Tiny Little Bow

bracelet, jewellery, finger, fashion accessory, arm,Source: 25 Simple Tattoos For Girls

16 Follow Your Heart

Ballet, face, eyebrow, handwriting, arm,Source: Foot Tattoo Ideas Tattoos Images

17 Something Colorful

tattoo, leg, close up, arm, skin,Source: Crazy Tattoo Designs Ideas For

18 Simple Stars

clothing, thigh, finger, tattoo, leg,Source: 7 Best Places To Get

19 Cool Feather

tattoo, arm, leg, hand, human body,Source: Tattoo Ideas for Girls, Simple

20 Moon Tattoo

leg, arm, tattoo, skin, organ,Source: women tattoos Archives - Tattoo

21 Love Fearlessly

finger, tattoo, leg, nail, arm,Source: 100's of Cute Girly Tattoo

Which one is your favorite?

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