9 Simple Tips to Your Softest and Smoothest Feet ...

By Lisa

9 Simple Tips to Your Softest and Smoothest Feet ...

Hello summer, warmer weather calls for flip flops, sandals and slingbacks that require us to bare our feet so I thought we could all use some tips for soft feet so we can kick off our shoes without shame and show off our soft and silky little piggies! Often times we neglect our feet until we’re facing our first pair of cute sandals for the season and realize that our heels are looking like a hot mess. Rather than getting caught at the last minute, keep these simple tips handy so you can enjoy soft and smooth feet all year long!

Table of contents:

  1. ban bare feet
  2. if the shoe fits
  3. pad the hoof
  4. file it away
  5. soak city
  6. lube n’ go
  7. soft scrub
  8. short and simple
  9. rub down

1 Ban Bare Feet

The first tip for soft feet involves forgoing bare feet. One might assume that going au naturel is the way to go, but walking around barefoot actually leads to fallen arches, not to mention making the skin on the bottom of your feet thick and hard! If you like going barefoot, limit the time you spend without shoes or slippers because going bare can also cause your heels to dry out and crack.

2 If the Shoe Fits

The next step in how to get soft feet is to wear comfortable shoes that fit your feet properly! I know, we all have pairs of shoes that are like torture devices but we love how they look so we keep wearing them. That’s okay on occasion, just be sure you wear decent shoes the majority of the time! Wearing ill-fitting shoes can literally rub your feet the wrong way, give you blisters and make your feet look and feel horrible!

3 Pad the Hoof

Many people don’t follow this tip for soft feet but it’s actually easy, affordable and feels good. Pads and insoles for shoes really make a difference and can make even your most uncomfy shoes wearable. There are so many types of pads and insoles for so many different shoes that there is literally something for everyone. I recently used a gel pad to prevent toe scrunching in heels and OMG what a difference! I have no marks or irritated skin!

4 File It Away

Despite their intimidating appearance, foot files are one of the best ways to get smooth feet. Get a foot file at a beauty supply or drugstore and file your feet while they’re dry to get rid of dead skin and calluses. You don’t have to saw away at your feet for a long time regardless of how they look or feel, just do it a few times because you don’t want to overdo it. You can keep at it a little bit at a time; you don’t want to file your feet raw! After you’re done, wash the file off with soap and water.

5 Soak City

One the most enjoyable tips for soft feet is to give them a nice, long soak. Not only is a foot soak relaxing, it helps to soften your skin. Try to soak your feet weekly and add some special ingredients like milk, oils or Epsom salts to make your foot soak even more luxurious and pleasurable. Soak your feet for 30-45 minutes or 10-15 minutes max if you’ve already showered.

6 Lube N’ Go

Lubrication is a crucial step in the top tips for soft feet. After all the filing and soaking, get your feet ready for a nice little rubdown with a thick moisturizer. You can use a cream that’s especially made for feet but they can cost more so you can always use Vaseline or a thick body cream instead. Before you go to bed, put on a liberal amount of lotion and put on some cotton socks as you head to bed. If your feet are really dry, put plastic bags on your feet before you put socks on and you’ll wake up to velvety feet!

7 Soft Scrub

When it comes to ways to get smooth feet, don’t forget the power of the pumice stone and scrubs. Exfoliate your feet with a nice scrub or use a pumice stone to keep the bottoms of your feet smooth as silk. Again, you can use a scrub that’s made just for feet or use a body scrub you already have or DIY by mixing honey, olive oil, sugar and baking soda.

8 Short and Simple

If you want an easy way to get smooth feet and maintain them, keep your showers or baths short and warm. Avoid taking super-hot showers or baths for long periods of time not just for the sake of your feet but for the skin all over your body. Spending a long period of time in hot water zaps your skin of moisture so for all-over soft and smooth skin, shy away from the hot stuff!

9 Rub down

Another one of the fab tips for soft feet is to massage them! Recruit your man to help you get the circulation in your feet going and get them into tip top shape with a nice foot rub. Can’t find anyone to massage your lower extremities, no prob! Give yourself a nice massage with some oil or lotion and treat yourself to a nice, relaxing kneading!

As you can see, there are some tips for soft feet that seem totally unrelated but it can affect the overall appearance and condition of your feet so make sure you keep all these things in mind while you’re going through your everyday routine. What tips do you swear by for soft feet?

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