4 Simple Upgrades to Turn Your Plain Bath into a Luxurious Hot Tub ...

By Carly

4 Simple Upgrades to Turn Your Plain Bath into a Luxurious Hot Tub ...

How many times in your life have you been watching a movie or a TV show and uttered the phrase “I wish I had a hot tub!”. Well, they might have been a thing reserved for the rich and famous once upon a time, but these days, achieving something like a hot tub in your own home isn’t as impossible as you might think! Here are four ways to turn your bath into a hot tub!

1 Jet Machine

Rather than having them inbuilt like a proper hot tub, there are plenty of smaller machines that you can buy which will provide your bath with the jet power that it needs! They are easily fitted over a segment of the rim, and have plenty of different settings so that you can find the right motion of the ocean for your particular circumstances!

2 Whirlpool Upgrade

This one takes a little bit of intelligent engineering, but with the right equipment you can go one better than just jets and create a whirlpool effect in your tub. Strategically placed machines can agitate the water in such a way that you get to enjoy a whirling sensation just like in a luxury hotel.

3 Massage Mat

Find yourself an inexpensive massage mat that is suitable for underwater use, and stick that in the area of the tub that you lean back on. It feels amazing to have that pressure at your back whilst the jets you have arranged do their thing!

4 Bubble Machine

If nothing else, something that you definitely can do it purchase a machine that can be dipped in your bath water to create bubbles! Add to some nice bubble bath liquid to really whip up a storm that feels much more fun and luxurious than your normal bath time.

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