10 Smart and Budget Conscious Beauty Tips ...

Beauty Tips are so helpful, but they often revolve around expensive techniques and advice that ends up costing you money. In this economy, that's just not always practical – or even possible. Not everyone can get a weekly mani/pedi or a take advantage of a bi-weekly spa treatments. So, I've come up with a fabulous list of beauty tips that don't cost much. In fact, some of them are completely free, but they'll still help you look your most beautiful. Excited to know more? Then all you have to do is check out these smart and budget conscious beauty tips!

1. Beauty Sleep

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Getting enough beauty sleep is one of those beauty tips no one takes very seriously. It's tempting to believe that getting enough sleep doesn't make a different. However, getting plenty of rest each night makes your skin more youthful, your eyes lighter and livelier, and gives you the energy you need to get through the day.

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