Smart Girl's Guide to Getting the Best Beauty Sleep Ever ...


Smart Girl's  Guide to Getting the Best Beauty Sleep Ever ...
Smart Girl's  Guide to Getting the Best Beauty Sleep Ever ...

I know I don’t have to start a litany on the benefits of getting a good night’s sleep. Everyone knows the rejuvenating and recovery powers of sleep and how it is essential to your appearance and well-being but quality of sleep is important. You should not only be aiming for 7-9 hours of shut-eye every night but also do these things to make sure you get the best sleep.

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Cleanliness One way for how to get the best sleep is to ensure that you are nice and clean when you get in to bed. Taking a shower and brushing your teeth are two vital components to feeling comfortable and fresh so that you have no trouble drifting off in to a peaceful night’s sleep.



Comfort Comfort is key when trying to get to sleep! Whether it’s having the right kind of pillows or investing in a mattress that gives more support to your back, having all of the perfect bedtime accessories and being comfortable enough to surrender to your tiredness is what we should all be aiming for.


Empty Stomach

Empty Stomach One thing you do not want to do is go to bed on a full stomach having only recently eaten your evening meal. You need to allow time for the digestion process to get to work before retiring for the night because laying down on a full stomach can lead to uncomfortable indigestion and restlessness.


Active Day

Active Day Try to be as active as you can throughout the day, as the more energy we expend during the day means that we will be more tired and in need of serious rest when bedtime comes around. To put it plainly, the less active you are, the most restless your sleep might be.


Tune out

Tune out If you live in a busy city, you are going to have to learn to tune out all of the exterior noise that might keep you awake at night. From sirens to other urban sounds, it can be difficult to sleep if you are fixated on listening out for them.



Journal Studies have shown to prove that keeping a journal can actually help you sleep better. The act of writing down your daily thoughts and stresses helps to clear your mind and allow you to have a better chance of a peaceful night’s sleep.


No Scary Stuff

No Scary Stuff If you are of a sensitive disposition, then it makes sense to stay away from scary TV shows and movies just before you head to bed! Your overactive imagination won’t let you drift off peacefully, instead keeping you awake and making you think about all of the horror you just witnessed!


Avoid Naps

Avoid Naps Some people get in to the routine where they are actually most tired during the afternoon, but try at all costs to avoid having a nap, it will only be detrimental to your bigger sleep in the evening.



Count It doesn’t have to be sheep; it could be anything from ocean waves to pencils to Brad Pitts! Just get in to the process of doing something in a pleasing, constant rhythm that could help you drift off.


Find Your Position

Find Your Position Sometimes getting to sleep can be as easy as finding your perfect position. On your back, on your side, on your front, try them all out to see which one is most comfortable to you and then you will always know which position is most effective and that sends you to sleep quickest.

I love my sleep. If only there was as much benefit to getting up in the morning!

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It's actually a myth that going to bed with a full stomach is bad. It doesn't stop digestion it just slows it down slightly. But getting even 3-4 hours of sleep will get everything you are before bed digested properly. Your body takes a long time to fully digest everything so you would have to stop eating at like 6pm if you go to bed at midnight lol

I'm in desperate need of a good pillow.

Any single in

Thank you! 💖



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