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15 Smashing Makeup Inspo for Girls Who Love a Clean Makeup Look ...

By Olga

I love Instagram makeup look, I do, but what I love even more is a clean Instagram makeup look, like the ones by the amazingly gorgeous and talented @elenitekeste. The eyebrows - on fleek, her strobbing technique - on point, lips - are a perfection, eyelashes - could not be better! This is the look we can rock all day and all night, let's see how she does it and get ours clean makeup look on!


clothing, hair, eyebrow, hairstyle, close up,


clothing, hair, hairstyle, model, leather,


hair, hairstyle, beauty, black hair, close up,


clothing, hair, hairstyle, bangs, brown,


hair, hairstyle, eyebrow, black hair, nose,


hair, eyebrow, hairstyle, brown, long hair,


clothing, color, hair, blue, photograph,


eyebrow, hair, hairstyle, chin, forehead,


clothing, black and white, flooring, photo shoot,


clothing, leather, footwear, bag, denim,


eyebrow, beak, hair, chin, nose,


clothing, hair, black hair, leg, jewellery,


clothing, hair, blue, photograph, photography,


clothing, hair, hairstyle, black hair, model,


clothing, brassiere, muscle, active undergarment, blouse,

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