7 Sound Reasons Not to Have Cosmetic Surgery on Your Face ...

Alison Bryant

7 Sound Reasons Not to Have Cosmetic Surgery on Your Face ...

There are so many reasons not to have cosmetic surgery on your face, even though it is increasingly popular. Once restricted to the rich, cosmetic surgery has become more affordable. Now more and more women are having procedures done on their face. But the desire to achieve the perfect face is not without dangers and problems. Here are some really sound reasons not to have cosmetic surgery on your face …

1 Individuality

One of my top reasons not to have cosmetic surgery on your face is that it destroys the individuality and character in each person's face. Look at the famous women who have had surgery, and you will see that they have a very similar look when compared to their pre-surgery selves. It's depressing that so many women allow themselves to be pressured into acquiring an 'ideal' look.

2 Inner Self

People often want cosmetic surgery on their face because they think that gaining their ideal look will make them happy. Of course it does nothing of the sort. Unhappiness comes from within and changing the exterior doesn't alter how you feel inside. So surgery won't achieve anything. Work on your self-esteem, and realise that you're probably far more attractive than you think.

3 Just the Start

Undergoing cosmetic surgery, especially on your face, is often just the start. Whether you opt for anti-aging procedures or having your nose fixed, there's a strong risk that you'll then find other 'faults' with your appearance. First it's your nose, then that makes your eye bags stand out, then you want your (barely noticeable) wrinkles dealt with …

4 Risky

No surgery is without risks. Most cosmetic surgery requires a general anesthetic. Then there is the possibility that you won't achieve the desired result or that something will go wrong in the procedure. Is it really worth taking these chances for an operation that you don't actually need?

5 Characterless

I've already commented on how alike women who've undergone cosmetic surgery look. They look like they've been made in a factory out of a mould. It's sad that so many women feel the need to assume a doll-like look and erase everything that made them who they are.

6 Expensive

Having cosmetic surgery on your face may be much more affordable than it used to be, relatively speaking, but it's still going to cost you a few thousand dollars minimum. Just think what else you could do with that money! If you have repeated procedures you could end up spending the equivalent of a house deposit.

7 Visible

Having cosmetic surgery on your face means that the result is very visible. And if the result isn't all that you'd hoped for, it will be hard to ignore. You'll see it every time that you look in the mirror. If the worst happens and the procedure goes wrong, you'll have a very visible reminder that could affect your self-esteem much more than your original 'problem.'

Often people undergo cosmetic surgery on their face because they fear getting old. Well, nobody likes seeing the signs of aging appear, but it's inevitable. Besides, they often look worse than they would have done if they'd never undergone cosmetic surgery. It's far better to concentrate on eating well, avoiding the sun, and enjoying life. What are your views on cosmetic surgery - would you never dream of messing with your face, or are you saving up for every procedure available?