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7 Steps for Voluminous Looking Lips ...

By Melissa

We’ve all seen the girls in magazines with beautiful voluminous lips. If you are anything like me, you’ve wondered, “how can I make my lips look fuller like that?” I’ve got your answer. Follow these 7steps for voluminous for lips to get those perfectly full and beautiful lips.

1 Eliminate Shadows

Shadows always give you away. Eliminate the shadows around your lips by dabbing a little concealer around your lip contours. This will start you off with a clean bare canvas.

2 Redefine

Next step to voluminous lips is to redefine the contours by using a concealer pencil a shade or two lighter than your natural skin tone. Trace all around your top and bottom lip. You can also trace the two little contour lines going from the top of your lips to your nose.


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3 Smudge

Be sure to blend in the concealer well all around your lips. You want to see the color but you don’t want a harsh line. Smudge the line carefully with your fingers for a more natural look.

4 Lip Liner

Start with a color a shade or two darker than your natural lip color. For the next step in voluminous lips we need to contrast the light effect we created in the earlier steps. Start at the center for the top lip and create your line. Also line the bottom lip. Be sure the blend the line out again for a natural look.

5 Apply Lipstick

Apply the lipstick of your choice. For a more voluminous lip you can opt for a lip plumping lipstick, but any lipstick will work. Start from the center for your lips and color over the contour lines as well as the lips.

6 Gloss

Follow up with a gloss across the lips in the same color as your lipstick shade. The shimmer will add to the illusion of fuller lips. For extreme voluminous lips add another coat of clear gloss around the edge of the lip where you applied the lip liner earlier.

7 Touch of Gold

To finish the look add a small dab of gold to the center of your bottom lip. If you don’t already have a gold gloss or lip color a simple dab of eye shadow will do the trick.

By using the rules of light and shadow you can create the illusion of voluminous lips. I hope you find these steps simple to follow. Now you know how to create your own voluminous lips without the need of injections. How do you make your lips look fuller?

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