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There is a correct way to go about applying sunless tanner and an incorrect way. The difference is how it looks when you are finished. If you go about applying sunless tanner in the correct way, it is going to give you a warm glow that people will truly believe you got from the sun. If you apply it incorrectly, you may look orange, spotty, streaky or worse.

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The first step to applying sunless tanner is to start with clean skin. You want to take a shower before you begin. This helps to make sure that the tanner will not be disturbed by other products you wear during your day. Products such as lotions, perfumes or oils could keep the tanner from working correctly. It is best to start with bare skin fresh from a shower.



Exfoliating is a very important part of applying sunless tanner. You want to exfoliate in the shower and rinse afterward to get the last traces of the exfoliating product off. Exfoliating makes sure that you have an even surface to start with. Pay special attention to your knees, elbows and ankles. That is generally where your skin will tend to be roughest.



You want to shave before you apply sunless tanner. If you don’t, you are going to possibly shave part of your tanner off if it is freshly applied. It is generally best to wait one to two days to shave again after you apply your sunless tanner. I also think that it helps your skin to absorb the tanner better when it has a smooth surface. Plus who wants the hair on their legs getting tanner on them?


Dry Thoroughly

You want to dry thoroughly after you shower. If your skin is damp, it can thin the tanner when you apply it. That would mean that it had a very uneven look to it. That is not something you want to have happen. Make sure your body is completely dry before you start applying sunless tanner.


Apply Everywhere except Soles of Feet and Palms of Hands

You want to apply sunless tanner everywhere except for the soles of your feet and the palms of your hands. Be careful not to forget areas like your neck or under your arms. There are areas where you will want to only apply a bit of product and sparingly but basically it should be applied all over. You can be a little more lavish on areas like your legs, arms and trunk than the questionable places. Use a light hand in those areas.


Use Caution in Some Areas

There are areas that you should use caution when applying sunless tanner. Those include any areas where you have dry skin. For most of us, this includes the elbows, knees and ankles. It is also important to apply to your feet and the backs of your hands very carefully. It is very easy to concentrate too much sunless tanner on those areas.


Re-apply Daily until You Reach Your Desired Tan

You want to continue applying sunless tanner daily until you reach the desired level of tan you want. Then you can cut back. You might want to apply every other day at that point or even every few days. That will depend on you and what your product directs you to do to maintain your sunless tan. Sunless tanner can be a bit of hassle to apply but is certainly safer than sun exposure.

These 7 steps to applying sunless tanner can help you to have a gorgeous and safe tan. What have you learned about applying sunless tanner? What are the dos and don’ts that you follow?

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Apply in a circular motion! The tanner doesn't streak, it's how You apply it that can cause it to streak(i.e. Up and down)

Tan towels r great n easy too!

Ikiss you for ever

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