10 Struggles 😩 That Women with Big Butts 🍑 Deal with ...

Nowadays, everyone wants to have a big booty. However, everyone who already has a big booty knows that there are a few downsides to looking great. According to Brommando, these are the struggles that women with big butts always have to deal with:

1. You're Constantly Butt-dialing People

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Your phone is never on your side. If you put it in your pocket, then you know someone (most likely the ex you hate to talk to) is going to get a random call from you.

2. You Have One True and Eternal Enemy: Airplane Seats

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Really, any type of seat is uncomfortable for you. They don't make classroom chairs as comfortable as they should.


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Big boobs aren't the only thing that can cause back pain. A big booty can cause back pain, as well.

4. Everyone Looks at You when "Baby Got Back" Comes on

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For some reason, they think that it's your theme song. Everyone expects you to start singing along as soon as they hear the beat start.

5. "Let's See That Twerk," Say Strangers Who Are Awful

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Everyone assumes that you're a master at twerking, just because your booty is big. Even if you are amazing at twerking, it doesn't mean you want to do it on command.

6. Finding Jeans That Fit Your Waist, Your Hips, and Your Legs is Impossible

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This is why you can't shop online. You need to try everything on in a fitting room to make sure that your jeans fit you in all the right places.

7. Wearing Yoga Pants Feels like Wearing a Sign That Says "Say Awful Things to Me."

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Men love to stare at women in yoga pants, even if they don't have much of a butt. That's why you get extra long stares, because your booty is impossible to ignore.

8. You've Knocked ThIngs off Tables Turning around

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It happens to the best of us big booty girls! We turn around for a quick second and next thing we know our butts are like a tornado ripping a path through anything near the edge of a table.

9. A Level Hemline is Not in Your Future

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We all have those dresses we absolutely adore. You know, the one with the nice sexy slit on the side? ;) well-endowed in the backside girls know the struggle of that slit when it comes to their bodacious booties. 😩 It pulls up in all the wrong spots and makes you feel like it's all hanging out!

10. People Think It's a Pillow

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Oh the struggle is real! There you are, laying on your stomach, and your bestie or boyfriend or whoever comes and lays their head on your butt like a big squishy pillow made just for them. Sorry buddy, not here!

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