7 Stylish Winter Beauty Looks ...


7 Stylish Winter Beauty Looks ...
7 Stylish Winter Beauty Looks ...

The top winter beauty looks this season range from minimal makeup to bright and bold colors. Many of this season’s top beauty looks come straight from the designer runways and the best part is that they are all really achievable. Whether you prefer a low maintenance beauty routine or something a bit more glamorous, there’s something to suit everyone this winter. Get inspired by these winter beauty looks.

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Dark Lips

One of the most noticeable trends on the autumn/winter runways was dark lipstick. Romantic and gothic trends ruled the runways and the winter beauty looks had to match the decadent clothing. From rich berry shades to almost black plum hues, dark lips were everywhere. Incorporate this trend into your beauty look in the form of a berry lipstick or lip stain.


Relaxed Waves

One of the most stylish winter hairstyles has a bit of a summer twist to it. This winter’s wavy hairstyles are a more relaxed take on summer’s bouncy beach waves. The focus this season is on low-volume hair with a sleeker finish. This kind of hairstyle can easily be achieved with some careful braiding or by using a flat iron to create gentle waves.


Bright Eyes

If it wasn’t a bold lip on the runways then it was bold eye makeup. In particular, colored eye shadow and eye liner seemed to be the biggest trends for winter. Add a little bit of color to your look with a slick application of eye liner in a jewel-toned hue. A little bit of color goes a long way, so keep it simple when it comes to mastering this beauty look.


Bold Brows

Bold, bushy eyebrows are here to stay. The look has been popular for some time now, and this winter it’s as popular as ever. Well groomed brows help frame and define your face and they’re also your ticket to the season’s must-have beauty look. If your brows are on the thinner side of things, brush them up and out and fill them in with a brow shadow or pencil.


Minimal Makeup

If big color statements aren’t your thing, then you can always take a fuss-free approach to makeup. Minimal makeup looks were the top choice for models featured in the campaigns of Fendi and Calvin Klein. The best part is that minimal makeup works well in everyday life. A pretty, healthy glow is a great way to complement any outfit.


Flushed Cheeks

Add a flush of color to your cheeks in winter with a peachy blusher. It’ll add freshness to your features and is great for working a natural makeup look. A swipe of blush on your cheeks will give you that ‘I’ve just been on a crisp winter walk’ flush (without actually having to step foot in the cold).


Top Knots and Buns

Instead of the messy buns and chignons of summer, try a more polished ‘do this winter. A chic top knot or bun is a simple and easy way to style your hair this season. Make use of that styling gel or hairspray to ensure your strands stay in place. A slick top knot or bun will work well with winter’s sophisticated and glamorous looks.

If you haven’t already, these are some beauty looks worth trying out this winter. Many of them can be easily achieved and incorporated into your everyday looks. What are your top beauty trends for winter?

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