Subscription Boxes Every Beauty Guru Needs ...

By Teresa

Subscription Boxes Every Beauty Guru Needs ...

If you’re like me, you’re probably obsessed with subscription boxes. However, there are so many out there right now that it can be difficult to find the ones that are worth it. Luckily for you, I’ve tried so many subscription boxes that I’ve discovered which ones were worth the cash and which ones were not. These are some of my favorite subscription boxes, and the ones that I definitely think were worth it!

Table of contents:

  1. beauty box 5
  2. fabfitfun
  3. color me monthly
  4. 99 cent razor
  5. the ox box
  6. influenster
  7. helloflo

1 Beauty Box 5
As someone who’s tried other beauty subscription boxes in the past and has never been very impressed with them, this is a great beauty box to pick. A lot of beauty box companies advertise a ton of big brands that they’ll send you, but then you never actually get them in your subscription box. That’s not the case with Beauty Box 5, and it only costs $12 a month, which is basically a steal!

2 FabFitFun
FabFitFun is definitely one of the more expensive subscription boxes out there, but not when you look at what you get in the box! FabFitFun boxes are sent every three months and cost $49.99. The box includes everything from snacks to fashion picks and beauty favorites as well. It’s definitely worth the price tag in my opinion!

3 Color Me Monthly
I’ve always been a fan of nail polish beauty boxes, but I’ve never liked the price tag that comes along with most of them. This one is so inexpensive that you need to invest in it! For $7 a month, they’ll send you a new, cruelty-free nail polish. If you love nail polish and want to experiment with different colors but don’t know where to start, this is definitely the subscription box for you!

4 99 Cent Razor
By now we’ve all heard of men’s razor subscription boxes, but this is one of the first razor subscription boxes for women. For $6.95, you get 5 razors a month, but you can even alter your package if you don’t shave that often. Having tried the razors, I can confirm that they’re one of the best razors I’ve ever used, and this is a great deal!

5 The Ox Box
The idea of fashion subscription boxes has always been an interesting idea to me, but I’ve never loved the price tag that comes along with them. However, with Ox Box, you can get a fashion subscription box starting at just $15. I don’t know about you, but that’s my perfect price tag!

6 Influenster
Influenster is a subscription box that’s about as cheap as it gets—free! Although there’s really no rhyme or reason for when they send you a box, Influenster often sends boxes to their members full of amazing brand items in hopes that their members will talk about them on social media. It’s just as amazing as it sounds!

7 HelloFlo
If you’re always forgetting to prepare for that time of the month, HelloFlo is here to save the day. You can pick the perfect package for your needs and every month it will arrive at your door! It’s perfect for the girl who keeps finding herself unprepared!

What’s your favorite subscription box? Have you tried any of these? Will you try any of these? Let me know what you think about them in the comments!

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