Subscription Services Which One Should You Sign up for?


My new addiction? Subscription boxes. I just love the idea of having goodies delivered to your door every month! It seems like there's a subscription service for ANY interest you might have. The ones on this list are targeted mostly to beauty or fitness services. Check out some of the popular ones you should consider signing up for:

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Fabfitfun Sign Up Here:
Cost: $49.99 a season (four times a year) including shipping.

This box is so awesome! It's curated by Giuliana Rancic and contains full-size products with a mix of fashion accessories, beauty products, fitness tools (such as workout videos or fitness class passes), and healthy snacks. I recently signed up for this subscription box via Groupon and I am SO obsessed! I got the summer package recently and loved every single item in the box. The products inside retailed for over $240 and I paid nowhere near that. Amazing!



Urthbox Sign Up Here:
Cost: $19 per month.

Every month, Urthbox surprises you with full-size and fantastic products to help you discover a healthier you. The cool thing is that it delivers foods from brands that you probably hadn't heard of before (but will love). You can choose between a gluten-free, classic, diet, and vegan box and each one will be tailored to your needs. Each box's retail value is about $100 so you'll be saving SO much money! I just got my first 'diet' Urthbox a few days ago and I have to say, I was really pleased with the products!


Blue Apron

Blue Apron Sign Up Here:
Cost: $9.99 per person, per meal.

This box is for all the foodies! Each week, you'll receive three incredible recipes based on your dietary preferences. All the ingredients are carefully packaged in a refrigerated box so the food stays fresh even if you’re not home when they deliver. The cool thing about this box is that no commitment is required - you get your delivery when it's convenient for you and can skip any week where you don't have time for it.



Birchbox Sign Up Here:
Cost: $10 per month (women) & $20 per month (men).

Birchbox was one of the first companies to popularize subscription boxes! Each month, you'll receive skincare and makeup products, including some non-beauty extras. The price is among the lowest for beauty boxes!



Ipsy Sign Up Here:
Cost: $10 per month, plus shipping.

Ipsy is a monthly beauty box subscription founded by YouTube vlogger Michelle Phan. Each bag contains a mix of products from both well-known brands and some lesser-known ones. Each box contains 4-5 products that'll help you complete a finished look. The products come in a new makeup bag each month, which I think is so awesome! The combination of the deluxe and full-size products makes this box a really great deal.


Citrus Lane

Citrus Lane Sign Up Here:
Cost: $29 per month or $19 per month for a year. Shipping included.

This box is for all the mommies! It's a monthly subscription box for children containing five to six toys and snacks from well-known brands. The products are geared specifically to your child's age, gender, and interests. It's such a cute box that your kids will look forward to every month!

Will you be signing up for any of these boxes?

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Birchbox sucks.

Beauty army and glossy box are the two best makeup sample boxes hands down! Ispy is a delightful treat, but birchbox can't be beat if you are going to order those products or accumulate points to Shop! Plated is also my new obsession kind of like blue apron but a little pricey... Totally worth it for a special night in!!! Julep is the best for nails and care products and so Reasonable!

I used to get a beauty package every 2 months a long time ago, I don't even know if they are still in business!!!

Just a note; there is a wait list for some like Ipsy. Took me about 5-6 mths to get off their wait list.

Food being shipped !? 😐 no comment

There's a new one called Beauty DNA that's really great. You fill out a questionnaire about your needs and likes and dislikes, even ingredients that you prefer or not, like fragrance or silicone. Then they research the best products for you and send a full sized product (high quality) once a month for $25 including shipping and tax. I've received some incredible products that I would never have tried otherwise. And since it's custom I can actually use the stuff! With other companies, I've had to throw a lot of stuff away.

Do these deliver to Canada?

I didn't like birch box didn't feel I got what I thought I would for the price I guess just my opinion I like the first couple listed on here

I had Ipsy but canceled due to not much product for women of color. I just subscribed to Cocotique and love it.

I had birch box first cancelled and now have ipsy

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