7 Super-Cute Eyeglasses for Every Face Shape ...


7 Super-Cute Eyeglasses for Every Face Shape ...
7 Super-Cute Eyeglasses for Every Face Shape ...

While girls with a four-eyed fear of their youth may be embracing 24/7 contact lens wear, finding unique eyeglasses for your face shape can enhance your entire look. Glasses can be more economical on your budget when compared to disposable contacts, and put you at a significantly smaller risk for eye infections. Plus, there’s no denying that an adorable optical accessory can really make you stand out. Trust me. You won’t bat an eye at these 7 picks for perfectly designed eyeglasses for your face shape.

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Cat Eye Coquine in Purple by Bon Look

Cat Eye Coquine in Purple by Bon Look Bon Look.com provides customers with a selection of some of the cutest designed eyeglasses for your face shape at competitive prices. With a virtual try-on option and recommendations based on your specific shape, these vintage-inspired designs will have you swooning. My personal favorite is this lovely purple cat eye frame. It’s vibrant without being too in-your-face. And at $99 including prescription lenses, these frames are fantastic.


Vogue Cat Eye in Tan

Vogue Cat Eye in Tan Leave it Vogue to design a cat eye frame in such a wonderful camel shade. The light plastic design is as easy on the eyes as it is resting on the bridge of your nose. And if you have an oval face, a square face or a heart-shaped face, you’re in luck. Because the Vogue model V02763 from Lens Crafters.com is just for you!


DKNY Two-tone Translucent Oval

DKNY Two-tone Translucent Oval You’ll forget all about being called four eyes in grade school when you put on these two-toned tortoise pattern and translucent pink glasses from DKNY. Their light oval shape would make a perfect fit for an oval or square-shaped face. But hey, if you have a rounder jawline, I say give them a whirl. The split pattern and color makes this Lens Crafters frame a hot eyewear trend for every face alike!


Warby Parker Design Nedwin Summer Green

Warby Parker Design Nedwin Summer Green Who wouldn’t love to be a girl in green glasses? They’re earthy, unique and oh so sweet. And at $95 including anti-reflective prescription lenses and shipping, this Summer Green Nedwin design is simply adorable. And if you’re blessed with dark locks, you better believe these babies will especially pop. Score yourself a pair from WarbyParker.com


Prada Burgundy Eyeglasses

Prada Burgundy Eyeglasses These color dipped Prada glasses are optical haute couture for sure. From the ultra thick frames to the fade from deep red to translucent is as sweet as a candy apple. You can score this sweet luxe look for your oval, square or heart-shaped face from Lenscrafters.com

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Ray Ban 5256

Ray Ban 5256 These sleek square shaped frames from Ray Ban are nerdy chic and a must-have accessory for girls without 20/20 vision. Bold black frames with silver lined legs and small embellishments at the temples make this the perfect look for a woman who proudly embraces her less than perfect vision with a pair of classic cat eyes. And whether you’re heart-shaped, oval, round or square this pair is for you. Find them at JCPenneyOptical.com


Bisou Bisou BT 357

Bisou Bisou BT 357 This pick is partly rimmed, partly creamy brown and perfectly proportioned for gals with a round or oval-shaped face. This Bisou Bisou metal frame accentuates the eyes with a partially rimmed frame at the temples and the brows, and is offset with a thick embellished leg. So if you’re looking for something a little different from vintage-inspired eyewear, this modern take on eye glasses will leave you fresh-faced and ready to see the world.

Girls with glasses have never been cuter with all the funky, modern, vintage-inspired and top designer optical options out there. So give your eyes a break from all the poking and prodding of contact lenses and pick out a pair of frames that fits your face and your personal style. What eyeglasses have been leaving you wide-eyed lately?

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5 & 7 are so cute... I want them!

I love my Ray Ban's more and more each day! Mine is a little bit more oval, and it's brown. My boyfriend even things i'm way less pretty when i'm wearing contacts

So pretty. I love them all!

That's victoria beckham, her own brand

What glasses is the model wearing?

I absolutely hate wearing glasses. Contacts are so much easier to me.

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