7 Super-Cute Eyeglasses for Every Face Shape ...

While girls with a four-eyed fear of their youth may be embracing 24/7 contact lens wear, finding unique eyeglasses for your face shape can enhance your entire look. Glasses can be more economical on your budget when compared to disposable contacts, and put you at a significantly smaller risk for eye infections. Plus, there’s no denying that an adorable optical accessory can really make you stand out. Trust me. You won’t bat an eye at these 7 picks for perfectly designed eyeglasses for your face shape.

1. Cat Eye Coquine in Purple by Bon Look

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Bon Look.com provides customers with a selection of some of the cutest designed eyeglasses for your face shape at competitive prices. With a virtual try-on option and recommendations based on your specific shape, these vintage-inspired designs will have you swooning. My personal favorite is this lovely purple cat eye frame. It’s vibrant without being too in-your-face. And at $99 including prescription lenses, these frames are fantastic.

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