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Super Easy Ways to Use Olive Oil in Your Beauty Routine ...

By Deeceebee

There are just so many reasons to use olive oil in your beauty routine. Olive oil is surely one of the best things on the planet. It is a fabulous foodstuff – high in good quality fats and makes food delicious and it is a fabulous beauty product because it is absolutely packed with antioxidants. Antioxidants are a girl’s best friend. They fight the damage caused by nasty free radicals and protect your skin against the harmful UV rays the sun throws down at us. And when it comes to moisturiser, olive oil is a true superpower. It is said that (as well as bathing in ass’s milk) Cleopatra used olive oil in her beauty routines and if it’s good enough for someone considered a great beauty, I’m happy to follow suit. Here are some really easy ways to use olive oil in your beauty routine.

1 Olive Oil for Your Face

Remember those lovely antioxidants I mentioned. If you want to prevent premature ageing (or at least slow it down), olive oil is not just a moisturiser. It is as equally good a serum that those the cosmetic companies charge $100+ for. Olive oil can be combined with other ingredients to make face scrubs, washes, and masks.

2 Olive Oil for Your Hair

As a moisturiser, olive oil makes a super-powerful hair conditioner. The easiest way is to apply the oil to your hair after shampooing and rinsing. Leave it on for 10 to 20 minutes before rinsing out. You can also find many DIY conditioner recipes which use olive oil as a base. If you want extra shine to your hair, you can use neat olive oil after freshly blow drying your hair. Add a few drops to your palms and smooth over your hair.

3 Olive Oil for Your Body

If olive oil can moisturise your face and hair, then obviously, it is going to make a good body moisturiser. It can be used on extra dry patches or all-over. It can also be used in exfoliators. One simple one which is nice for summer skin is to mix olive oil with a little lemon juice, and sugar for use on your lips, heels and elbows.

4 Other Uses

Olive oil can be used as a nail conditioner – it’s great for softening cuticles. You might try it as an eye makeup remover, and even for shaving. Never ever use it as an oil for out in the sun. You’ll fry and the crisp as a chip look is not in this year!

Please note ladies, even though olive oil is non-comedogenic, it is an oil and can still clog pores, so if you are prone to acne, olive oil is not a good choice for skincare.

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