6 Super Simple Ways to Change Your Look ...


6 Super Simple Ways to Change Your Look ...
6 Super Simple Ways to Change Your Look ...

Do you ever go through those times when you look in the mirror and just feel really uninspired by what you see? Being fed up or bored with a current look or aesthetic can really dent your self confidence and overall mood, so it is important to try to address the slump as soon as possible to get back to your usual self! The good news is it doesn’t always take a huge TV-style makeover to do so. Here are six super **simple ways to change your look. **

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Wardrobe Swap

Do something fun like a wardrobe swap with a BFF. You have to spend an entire day dressed in an outfit made only of their clothing. It’s even better if you commit to doing it with a friend who you know has a different style!


New Makeup

Push out of your comfort zone and try a completely new makeup look. Change your products, shades, and focus areas to see if you hit on something you love. It’s something that you can remove quickly if you don’t like it, and it’s just fun to experiment with making your face look different.


Acrylic Manicure

Treat yourself to a really good quality acrylic manicure. Not only does the process of having your nails done by a professional make you feel food, but acrylics mark a significant difference to the cheaper polishes that you might use at home.


Clip in Extensions

It’s crazy just how different you can look with a new hairstyle, so invest in some good quality clip in extensions and experiment with a few different idea, see if you hit upon something that sparks that excitement back in to your look. Of course, the beauty is that you can take them right out if you change your mind!


Change Parting

Still on the theme of hair, you should try changing the angle or side of your hair parting. It sounds like an insignificant thing, but when you have had the same hair for so long, it can be a real positive shock when you try something different.


Fake Piercing

Get some fake body jewellery and see how much of a difference it makes! If you have been toying with a nose, eyebrow or lip piercing, then it’s an easy way to test out the look without having to go through the real pinch!

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