8 Surprising Uses for Lip Balm Other than on Your Lips ...

If you’re anything like me, you know how important lip balm can be on those dry, winter days, but do you know all of the uses for lip balm other than for your lips? I did a little research and found some extremely useful possibilities for these wonderful moisturizers. I always have one or two unused chapsticks lying around (I am a lip balm freak!) and I’m always going to the store and buying more when my backup supplies are running low! So if you’re a chapstick freak like I am and are always on the hunt for new uses, here are some of my favorite uses for lip balm that are always very helpful!

1. Under Eye Moisturizer

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If you have dryness around your under eyes then swipe your lip balm around that area every night. You'll wake up with very moisturized skin and over time, it will also reduce your fine lines. I try to do this every night.

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