7 Techniques for Shaping Your Nails ...


7 Techniques for Shaping Your Nails ...
7 Techniques for Shaping Your Nails ...

If you love doing manicures yourself, then I'm sure that some great tips for shaping nails are right up your alley. Since I finally stopped biting my fingernails a few years ago, I love playing with them: shaping them, painting them, trying new styles, and so on. While I'm happy to go get a professional manicure every once in a while, it's not always a practical choice, and I often need to cut and shape my nails myself. As a result, I've sort of become a collector of nail shaping techniques, and as always, I'm more than happy to share all the tips I've picked up along the way! If you're looking for some fantastic manicure tips that will help you with shaping your nails, just keep reading!

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Consider Different Shapes

Most of the tips for nail shaping here deal with how to perfect a particular shape, but first you have to know your options! For the most part, there are five different nail shapes: ovals, squares, a combination of oval and square sometimes called squoval, rounded tips, and points. You can generally create any shape, but keep in mind that they won't necessarily look the way you want them to look. The shape of your hands, the length of your fingers, and the overall shape of your nail beds all make a difference. Just experiment, because if you try a shape and you don't like it, you'll either be able to fix it with a bit more trimming and filing, or you'll just have to wait a week or so until your nails grow out some more.


Use the Right Tools

Every nail shaping technique requires the right tools. You'll need an orange stick or something like it for pushing down your cuticles, along with whatever type of file you prefer. Everyone has an opinion on this, but I think it's a personal choice. I hate metal files, but you might love them, so go for it. Ditto for emery boards, soft files, or manicure scissors. Just, if you're not used to using scissors, be very careful. Trust me, I have a scar that proves their lethality.


Perfecting the Oval

All right, first let's look at tips for shaping nails when you want ovals. The oval is sort of a universal shape, because it looks good on most fingers. It's incredibly feminine and very pretty, but since it lends itself well to long, short, or medium lengths, it's also quite practical. However, you have to be careful when attaining the oval shape, because if you don't get it perfect, your nails look uneven. The key here is to make sure your sidewalls are straight and even. After that, you'll want to file from one side of your nail to the time with a smooth motion that creates an arch. File one side, then the other, keeping them even, smooth, and balanced.


The Stunning Square

Square nails are strong and classic. You often see them on acrylic nails, but the square shape is easy to do on natural nails as well. If you like designs on your nails or French manicures, square is the way to go. The only bad news is that if your nail beds are wide and short, this style might not look good on you. Still, it's rather easy to attain. Again, the side walls need to be straight, you'll want a C-curve with perfect balance, and the edges should be sharp. Your file needs to be positioned so it's perpendicular to your nail, at which point you file up in a straight line. When you angle the file in order to blend the edges, make sure it's very slight, otherwise you'll end up with too much of a curve. Remember, sharper angles make the shape.


Round It out

Learning how to create round nails is an essential nail shaping technique, because the shape is so soft and lovely. If you're going for a slightly conservative look, this one is perfect. The great thing about a round nail is that it looks incredibly natural. The technique itself is pretty simple: make sure the side walls are straight, and then use your file round the edges. You're going for a soft, pretty curve. As with the oval shape, you need to take your time and make sure both sides are even, so your nails look balanced. This style works well with short nails. In fact, ideally, the taper should only slightly extend past your fingertip.


A Cool Combination

Here's the squoval shape, a combination of the square and the oval. This is an ideal tip for shaping nails, since it's incredibly popular. Basically, to create this shape, you mix the hard and fast techniques for squares and ovals. The overall shape of the nail is still square, but the edges are much more rounded. In fact, your best bet is to start off with a square shape, and simply employ a more pronounced angle when you begin filing the edges of your nails. Take off the corners, but only file a little bit at a time so you don't go overboard.


Pointedly Pretty

If you're going for something really sharp, then tips for shaping nails into a point should be right up your alley. Pointed nails are less common, but they definitely make a statement. If your hands and fingers are small and short, creating pointed nails instantly adds length. If your nail beds are longer and slim, this might not be the one for you. Here, the C-curve is incredibly pronounced and the angles are sharp. The side walls should taper, so they're straight near the cuticle before angling inward, all the way up to a I-shaped point.

I hope these tips for shaping nails help you with your next at-home manicure! Remember to trim just a little bit at a time and then file; if you want to go shorter, you always can. Be careful and be patient, because practice really does make perfect. What's your very favorite nail shaping technique?

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