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Want to learn some blush application tips by face shape? I know we’re frequently told to apply blush in one generic way but that’s just it-it’s generic. The way you apply your makeup can make a huge difference in the way you look. Give the same products and tools to two different women and you’ll probably see two drastically diverse looks. Read up on these blush application tips by face shape to flatter your unique features!

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Know Your Face Shape

Before getting into these blush application tips by face shape, do you know your face shape? Sometimes face shape guides can be confusing because you might have a couple of features from a couple of different shapes. If you’ve always had a feeling but don’t know for sure, try this quiz at beautyriot.com to see if it clarifies things.


Slim up

While you’re exploring beauty tips by face shape, don’t forget about them apples! Many makeup tutorials suggest applying blush to the apples of the cheeks but this technique isn’t for everyone. If you have a round face, use blush more like a contour under the cheekbones for a slimming look. Applying blush to the apples accentuates one of the already prominent features of a round face.


Get Lifted

An easy blush tip that benefits most face shapes is to take your blush up towards the temples and hairline instead straight back towards the ear. This will instantly give your face a lift and you’ll add a pretty, natural glow to your cheeks that looks modern and chic. And you can avoid the dreaded stripey look!


Add Dimension

Ladies with long or oval face shapes can instantly add dimension by lightly applying blush right under the apples of the cheeks and back towards the hairline. You don’t need much blush; it’s all about creating a rounder look to the cheeks by applying color horizontally to break up the shape of your face.


Soften up

For ladies with a square face shape, the best blush tip is to soften your jawline. Focus on the application of blush on the lower apples of your cheeks and sweep back towards the hairline without going too high. Doing so will help balance out your features, define and draw attention your cheekbones and create a soft, sweet look!


Keep It on the down Low

Heart-shaped faces are another face shape that can benefit from applying blush underneath certain facial features. When you’re putting on blush, keep your blush brush focused on the lower apples of the cheeks and cheekbones while sweeping upwards. Applying blush directly on the cheekbones or apples can make a heart-shaped face look wider.



While you’re going through these beauty tips by face shape, don’t forget the cardinal rule in applying any type of beauty product: blending! This might seem like such an obvious “tip” but I’ve learned that with blush, over-blending is better than walking around with harsh edges! There’s nothing worse in makeup than having obvious lines, so make sure you always take time to blend and use a good brush!

I hope these beauty tips by face shape were helpful to you. I know we get a lot of conflicting instructions on how to apply our makeup, but at the end of the day, you want to do what makes you comfortable and what makes you feel good! Do you have any special blush tips that you follow?

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