The Adventurous Girl's Guide to Looking Outstanding Outdoors Even in Summer ...

By Neecey

The Adventurous Girl's Guide to Looking Outstanding Outdoors Even in Summer ...

Just because you love to do all sorts of great stuff outdoors doesn’t mean you want to be as scruffy as a backwoodsman or not take care of your skin and body. You know the outdoors can be wild in more ways than one so if you want for some great tips for looking good while being adventurous, here they are:

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1 Dry Shampoo

Dry shampoo is your best friend when it comes to how to look good outdoors. Products are relatively cheap and play a huge part in you still looking fresh and fancy two, three, or even four days into you outdoor adventure. Dry shampoo helps to sap some of the grease and oils that will start to appear in your roots. A good tip is to apply it before you go to sleep and it will help to combat overnight greasiness. It also saves you worrying about going too long without a hair wash.

2 Bandana

A fun and fashionable bandana can work wonders for hiding the downsides of an outdoor adventure! It serves two purposes, one being the fact that it will hide your rapidly advancing greasy hair from the world and the other being that it will give you a great and adventurous summer look at the same time! Plus it comes in handy as a neck scarf, belt or even makeshift bandage in the event of an injury.

While you might be considering various tattoo designs, have you ever thought about getting finger tattoos? Intricate and adorable, these tiny masterpieces can be a unique way to express yourself. They're a great conversation starter and truly showcase your personal style. Check them out and get inspired!

3 Side Braid

Take some inspiration from Hunger Games hero Katniss Everdeen and consider rocking a side braid for your outdoor adventures. Not only is it a really fashionable hairstyle to have at the moment, but it will do the job of keeping your hair out of your way whilst you go about your activities and will minimize the look of any grease that may appear. It never hurts to look a little bit more like a badass Jennifer Lawrence!

4 SunScreen

This is an absolutely vital one to remember. No matter how much time you spend outside or how used to the sun you are, you should always apply a liberal amount of sunscreen when you are spending a considerable length of time outdoors. You may not be burning on a daily basis, but your skin is receiving damage that cannot be seen by the naked eye, and that is why it is so important to always protect yourself.

5 Body Wipes

Face wipes are a godsend when it comes to trying to stay clean and fresh whilst having an outdoor adventure. You may find yourself in situations where there are no proper facilities, and in these circumstances there is nothing better than a full body and face wash with moisturizing wipes. Trust me, you will feel like a queen after you have removed all of the day's dirt!

6 Concealer

Though makeup may not be at the top of your list of essentials when you are having an outdoor adventure, sometimes it's nice to have a little something to help you look fresh as the days go on. Going foundation free can be very liberating, but having something like a little concealer stick will leave you assured that you can cover up any major blemishes that might appear while you are out and about.

7 Chap Stick

The sun can not only do damage to your skin but also to your lips, and having a good chap stick will not only keep you protected but also help you to feel more comfortable when you're out and adventuring.

What you choose to carry with you really does depend on where you’re going, whether you have a base camp or are moving around and what adventures you will be having. You don’t need to pack tons of product or piles of makeup. With just a few basics, you can let your natural beauty shine through, and what better time than when you’re out playing with Mother Nature? What are your outdoor essentials?

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oh and OFF!!

Bug spray!

Anti- bacterial hand spray. Invaluable when touching things outdoors .

Biodegradable soap! Then you can bathe in the rivers or lakes!


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