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The Beauty Benefits of CBD Oil ...

By Carly

I’m sure you are aware of the rise in popularity and usage of CBD oil in various different products across the market recently. We tend to associate the oil with its properties for being able to do things like calm down anxieties, ease stress, and help with the pain relief of various physical ailments, but did you know that there are several beauty-based advantages that can be experienced too? Here are some of the best beauty benefits of CBD oil.

1 Acne

Acne is a skin problem that affects a huge percentage of teenagers and adults across the world, and not only can it be a health concern, it can also be a really detrimental factor for your self-esteem and mental health. Something that acne-prone skin can benefit hugely from is anti-inflammation, and CBD oil has wonderful anti-inflammatory properties that can help to really calm the angry areas down. Recent studies have also shown that CBD oil can be effective in decreasing the production of sebum in the skin, and it is an overproduction of sebum that begins the acne process in the first place.

2 Anti Aging and Wrinkles

CBD oil also has huge antioxidant properties, which has been cited as a factor in being able to lessen and decrease visible signs of aging. It can reduce inflammation which in turn gets rid of things like skin dullness and a ruddy tone, and the oil can also work against the damaging effects of free radical damage on the skin.


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3 Sensitive Skin

As we all know, acne isn’t the only problem when it comes to skin, and a general sensitivity can sometimes be just as upsetting because you are prone to an outbreak or reaction at any time, caused by pretty much anything. CBD oil has been found to have massive soothing properties for sensitive skin, with studies finding that is can act as an inhibitor for certain triggers like psoriasis and eczema. Using it on a regular basis can start to build up a tolerance for your skin to these triggers, resulting in a much more normalised and sturdy complexion.

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