The Best Beauty Brand for Your Zodiac Sign ...

By Melly

The Best Beauty Brand for Your Zodiac Sign ...

You might think that when it comes to beauty brands on the market, there isn’t much difference between one and another, but you would be totally wrong! Any true makeup expert will be able to tell you that different brands and companies can vary hugely, and in your journey to find the perfect set of products for yourself, you have to make sure that you pick one that is destined to suit you the best! Of course, we need to consult astrology on this subject! Here is the best beauty brand for your zodiac sign.

1 Aries

product, Besame

You are a true lover of history and tradition, and this brand in particular likes to take inspiration from the colours and trends of the past.

2 Taurus

skin, product, nail, finger, cosmetics, Clinique

You don’t have time for experimentation and taking chances. You want something that is tried and tested and that you know isn’t going to let you down.

3 Gemini

product, box, nail, Too Faced

You have a saucy sense of humour and like to inject fun and frolic into all areas of your life, so a brand with names like ‘Better Than Sex’ mascara is always going to be the one for you!

4 Cancer

pen, cosmetics, product, product, lipstick, Urban Decay

You need a brand that goes above and beyond in terms of the versatility and broad spectrum of their products because you want to buy something for every occasion. Urban Decay definitely has you covered.

5 Leo

cosmetics, pen, product, Kylie Cosmetics

You exude a stylish confidence that is fun and fresh, which means that you are perfectly suited to Kylie Jenner’s brand, the hottest and freshest brand out there right now.

6 Virgo

product, powder, product, cosmetics, face powder, Maybelline

You never care about the things that are most on-trend You care about getting lasting quality, and that description is perfect for Maybelline. They will never let you down.

7 Libra

eye shadow, cosmetics, product, Anastasia Beverly Hills

You are all about the small, extra details in life, and that is exactly what Anastasia Beverly Hills does in terms of makeup. They love to focus on the special things like liquid lipsticks and highlighter palettes.

8 Scorpio

eyebrow, blue, eyelash, cosmetics, eye shadow, Kat Von D

You have never been a conventional girl, living more of a rock and roll lifestyle than other signs! There is no better brand for you than Kat Von D!

9 Sagittarius

petal, Lime Crime

You are carefree and optimistic all the time, and the fresh vibe of Lime Crime suits you perfectly. With things like unicorn hair dye and diamond crusher lip toppers, everything is cute and innovative.

10 Capricorn

eye shadow, square, flooring, product, Yves Saint Laurent

You are a sophisticated individual who doesn’t have time for the ‘fun’ side of makeup; you want serious, classy quality. Look no further than Yves Saint Laurent!

11 Aquarius

product, cosmetics, product, lipstick, Tarte

You are incredibly environmentally conscious, so you need a brand that is cruelty-free and vegan. Tarte ticks all the boxes.

12 Pisces

eye shadow, Jeffree Star Cosmetics

Let me put it this way, you are EXTRA! You want bold colours and interesting products, and social media icon Jeffree Star definitely has you covered with his line!

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