The Best Beauty Subscription Boxes ...

By Cris

The Best Beauty Subscription Boxes ...

Each one of us has our own opinion and preference on the best beauty subscription boxes available in this day and age of online shopping. We rounded up a couple of girls and compiled some reviews on the best beauty subscription boxes and here's what we found out.

Table of contents:

  1. birchbox
  2. blissmo
  3. julep
  4. ipsy
  5. beauty army
  6. fabfitfun
  7. goodebox

1 Birchbox

For $10 a month or $110 a year, Birchbox sends you five samples of beauty products. To the uninitiated, you'll say, "Wow! That's really affordable!" - and it is! Dubbed as the pioneer in the field of beauty subscription boxes, Leni of California says several girls complained about the dwindling quality and repeat samples that Birchbox sends. However, she says she has no problem with her subscription six months into it now. The key, according to her, is to look into the rewards system. Every point received takes some dollars off of your purchase, so be a smart shopper and shop meticulously!

2 Blissmo

Heads up, friends of Mother Earth! If you're into organic and eco-friendly products, Blissmo is the beauty subscription box for you. This one is not all about makeup, though. Every month, you choose three products: one food, one beauty/personal care item, and one in-season item. It's quite pricey compared to Ipsy and Birchbox, but you knew that already the moment they said they deliver organic stuff. You can sign up for a one-time delivery of $24.95 or pay for a six-month subscription at $119.70, but you can cancel anytime.

3 Julep

If you love your nails and want them pretty all the time, Julep is the subscription box for you. The price? It's $24.99 a month, but they have an introductory price of $12.49 on your first box. Each box shipped to your doorstep contains nail and beauty products reportedly valued at $40. The verdict? Diane from Oklahoma says the monthly box items are wonderful, but she receives them quite late so you may want to call customer service and straighten that out.

4 Ipsy

The best part about Ipsy is the glam bag! The sample products you get every month for $10 come with a pretty pouch where you can store your stash. Like other subscription boxes, you fill out a beauty questionnaire and your products will be customized based on those results. Read Facebook threads, though, and you'll see several comments about disgruntled subscribers complaining about items not suited to their skin color. The solution? Daisy of Arizona says: "Take the questionnaire again and contact them regarding your concerns." You'd want to maximize the $10 you spent for this box, right?

5 Beauty Army

Unlike Birchbox and Ipsy, Beauty Army doesn't choose the samples for you because you have the freedom to choose up to six beauty samples from a showroom. At $12 per month including shipping, Beauty Army carries over 1.3 million beauty products with a promise that their army of beauties did try them.

6 FabFitFun

This is a quarterly subscription box filled with fashion, beauty, fitness, and wellness goodies at $49.99 per quarter or $179.99 per year. This is a surprise box, too, so you won't know what's in your kitty until it arrives. FabFitFun is a high value, low frequency subscription box so if you want a hodgepodge of items, this might just be the subscription box for you.

7 Goodebox

If Eco Emi didn't close shop, it would have made it to this list. Sad to say goodbye to them but we have Goodebox to round up this list. Goodebox describes itself as a monthly natural box charging $21 per box. They make it clear that they're not the subscription box for deal seekers but...if you love natural wellness, sustainable living, and green beauty products then this might just be the box you've been looking for.

All subscription boxes are all about trial and discovery so be sure to check their websites' FAQ pages and do your research by reading reviews and comments. What beauty box are you currently subscribed to?

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