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The Best Beauty Treatment for Your Zodiac Sign ...

By Melly

Looking for the best beauty treatment for your zodiac sign? With every new year that comes along, so too do a whole host of new and revolutionary beauty treatments! Now, I’m not saying that the new kids on the block are better than the old tried and tested treatments, but one thing that is absolutely certain is that there are so many different trends these days that it is pretty much impossible to be able to keep up with and try out all of them! It would be fair to say that some treatments work better than others, and that is on an individual basis, taking lots of personal factors into account. Perhaps the world of astrology might have some divine information for you on this front? Here is the best beauty treatment for your zodiac sign.

1 Pisces

You are an artistic soul who likes to look her best, so the idea of microblading should be something that really catches your attention. Try it out, I think you’ll love it!

2 Aries

You are curious and confident, so why not do something a little crazy like having a vagacial!? It’s a combined skin treatment with exfoliation and cleansing, but not for your face, for your vagina!


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3 Taurus

You like to keep on top of all the latest trends, and there is no bigger trend in 2018 than cryotherapy. You are also tough enough to be able to handle the extreme cold!

4 Gemini

You are one of the most spiritual signs, so you would probably benefit greatly from a session with a Reiki master. It will help you to relieve stress as well as boosting your body’s immune system.

5 Cancer

You like to exude beauty both on the inside and out, and an instant boost to your aesthetic look can come in the form of a lash lift. It lasts for 8-12 weeks and produces amazing results!

6 Leo

You like to be the life and soul of the party, and that doesn’t change when it comes to beauty treatments! You are best suited to a spa day with a few of your besties.

7 Virgo

You are hardworking and serious, which can often show on your face, so facialates is a good option for you. It is a treatment intended to work on reducing puffiness, reviving skin cells and triggering the production of more collagen!

8 Libra

You are at your best when you are completely and utterly relaxed, and one way to help you achieve this is through a 60-minute Ayurvedic massage. It incorporates oils, scents and sounds to give your muscles the most relaxed attention ever!

9 Scorpio

You are a natural leader, which can often lead you to be exhausted by the end of the week. You should remedy this by splashing out for a four-hand massage - so special and so beneficial!

10 Sagittarius

You like to be active, and for this, you need good circulation, so something like a dry brushing session to get the blood moving is perfect.

11 Capricorn

You are likely to be the kind of person who is on their cell phone all the time, so you could benefit from a hand massage and a manicure to get your digits looking and feeling fresh and fancy!

12 Aquarius

You are smart and shy and don’t want to do anything that feels too invasive. How about a chakra massage? You will feel the benefits without even having to be touched.

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