The Best Beauty Tutorials from 2015 Youll Still Love in 2016 ...

By Eliza

The Best Beauty Tutorials from 2015 Youll Still Love in 2016 ...

The year 2015 might be over, but that doesn’t mean you have to let go of all the great stuff that happened last year. When it comes to beauty, my personal mantra is to do what you feel makes you look best. So if last year’s trend still works for you, keep with it. Here are some beauty tutorials from 2015 that you are still going to love this year. Watch each one and get ready for your most beautiful self.

Table of contents:

  1. perfect for holidays and every day
  2. a cat eye is yours for the taking
  3. try burgundy on your eyelids
  4. get your falsies in place perfectly
  5. make everyone jealous of your fab eyebrows
  6. look runway ready every single day
  7. transition your makeup for the season

1 Perfect for Holidays and Every Day

The great thing about this video is that it can get you prepped for a holiday party, but it also works well for other occasions. You will totally love the dark lip color and glittery eyes that the video teaches you to make. This look is wonderful for a night out on the town, a dinner party with friends or any other occasion that requires a fancy look.

2 A Cat Eye is Yours for the Taking

We all want the perfect cat eye, right? But mastering it is a whole other story. That’s why you need this tutorial in your life. It will teach you to get the most flawless looking cat eye you’ve ever had. It’s really easy to follow the directions and you’ll wind up with the look you craved all during 2015. Perfect!

3 Try Burgundy on Your Eyelids

Guess what? You aren’t restricted to charcoal and black when you make a smoky eye. You can try other colors too and you are going to absolutely love how burgundy looks when you use it. The adorable girl in this tutorial makes it totally simple to create the look without frustration or tons of time. If you’ve been dying to try burgundy on your eyes, today is the day to give it a try.

4 Get Your Falsies in Place Perfectly

Do you need a boost when it comes to your lashes? Maybe they aren’t long enough, full enough or lush enough. Whatever the case might be, it’s way easier said than done to apply false lashes. While they can do wonders for the way your eyes look, you must get them done right or they won’t look that good. Misplaced falsies? No thank you! After you watch this tutorial, you will always get it right!

5 Make Everyone Jealous of Your Fab Eyebrows

Eyebrows are something you might not think about often, but they are on full display all day, every day. That makes getting your brows in shape is something that is pretty important. Need some help? You are not alone! I struggle with my brows all the time. That’s what makes this tutorial one you should bookmark right now. You’ll always have the best brows in town!

6 Look Runway Ready Every Single Day

There’s no doubt that Victoria’s Secret models look pretty great. Of course, they are fully made up every time you see them. Who knows how they really look? If you want to look runway ready every time you leave the house, this easy video will help you get the makeup look that you crave. You will be surprised at just how easy it is to get the job done.

7 Transition Your Makeup for the Season

Your skin tone changes a bit with the seasons. In the summer you may be a little bit darker because of all your time spent in the sun. In the winter, things get a little whiter. At least they do for me. This video makes it super simple to transition your makeup to the cooler weather without ever having to sacrifice your look.

Which of these videos are you going to keep right on loving in 2016?

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