The Best Beauty Tutorials from 2015 You'll Still Love in 2016 ...

The year 2015 might be over, but that doesn’t mean you have to let go of all the great stuff that happened last year. When it comes to beauty, my personal mantra is to do what you feel makes you look best. So if last year’s trend still works for you, keep with it. Here are some beauty tutorials from 2015 that you are still going to love this year. Watch each one and get ready for your most beautiful self.

1. Perfect for Holidays and Every Day

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The great thing about this video is that it can get you prepped for a holiday party, but it also works well for other occasions. You will totally love the dark lip color and glittery eyes that the video teaches you to make. This look is wonderful for a night out on the town, a dinner party with friends or any other occasion that requires a fancy look.

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