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The Best Foodsfor Girls Who Want Sparkling White Teeth ...

By Cassandra

When it comes down to it, the single most attractive feature that a person can have is their smile. There's something about watching someone laugh with their entire body and their pearly whites on display that reels me in every single time. I've been on a mission 🕵 to have brighter teeth for a long time; I've tried so many different strategies to make them sparkle ❇️ courtesy of insomnia-fueled google searches, and mostly ended up with an empty wallet 👛. Even though we all crave a celeb-worthy smile 😀 the likes of Chrissy Teigen or Khloe Kardashian, following their dental hygiene routine is super expensive 💶 (not to mention unrealistic). But the real secret to having healthier teeth is actually your diet! Here are the best foods that will get you those pearly whites, one bite at a time.

1 Almonds

food, meal, breakfast, produce, snack food, The quickest trick to brightening your teeth lies in this healthy snack. Because almonds have a rough outer surface, they remove unwanted stains with relative ease. In fact, cashews or even sunflower 🌻 seeds are just as effective!

2 Strawberries

strawberry, strawberries, food, produce, plant, This juicy fruit 🍓 is the MVP of the sexy smile club. Strawberries are a major source of malic acid, which helps even out any yellowing and stains in general. It doesn't hurt 😣 that they also make for a sweet treat.

3 Broccoli

food, dish, vegetable, produce, broccoli, Although I've never been the biggest fan of broccoli, my mission to have whiter teeth is slowly making me come to terms with this super veggie. Broccoli contains iron, which helps your teeth fight 👊 against cavities.

4 Garlic

food, dish, vegetable, carrot, produce, If you're getting ready for a date 👄 or a night out, you may want to skip ⏩ this next one. Despite running the risk of developing garlic breath, eating a clove of garlic will reduce plaque buildup.

5 Apples

food, plant, produce, dessert, land plant, Apples 🍎🍏 are just as effective at destroying plaque and correcting tooth discoloration as strawberries. Because they're extra crunchy, they keep your mouth hydrated with saliva, which naturally fights tooth decay all on its own.

6 Orange 🍊 and Tangerine 🍊 Peels

produce, fruit, food, plant, drink, Even though I usually get weird looks from my friends for doing this, I like brushing my teeth with the inside of an orange 🍊 peel BEFORE I use toothpaste. This is a great 👌 way to strengthen your tooth enamel. It's also safer to use the peel versus 🆚 the actual fruit because you bypass the citric acid it naturally contains.

7 Cheese 😁 and Yogurt

dish, food, meal, produce, plant, This just proves that a little bit of cheese never hurt anyone. When it comes to dental hygiene, dairy 🐄 products are the superfoods you want in your corner.

8 Onions

food, dish, fried food, onion ring, produce, Onions have the same effect on your teeth as garlic. They are natural plaque fighters because they're packed with sulfur. As much as your breath will hate you, eating them raw strengthens their anti-plaque 🚫 properties.

9 Pineapples

water, biology, sea, underwater, wave, This tropical fruit seriously packs a punch 👊. Pineapples 🍍 contain a bromelain enzyme which helps them remove surface stains and make your tooth enamel stronger.

10 Pears

food, pear, fruit, plant, produce, If you aren't a big fan of biting into a hard apple 🍎, eating a pear 🍐 is a perfect alternative. Or if you want some extra points, you can make a tasty salad out of ALL of these superfoods.

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