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The Best Gifts for Beauty Lovers ...

By Alicia

Are you trying to come up with a gift for the beauty lover in your life? There’re many options you can choose from. Beauty lovers aren’t typically hard to please. Here’re 7 ideas sure to win their heart.

1 An Eyeshadow Palette

An eyeshadow palette is a dream come true to a beauty lover. All those beautiful colors have them dreaming of different eyeshadow combinations to wear. If you’re unsure which one to buy, you can’t go wrong with an Urban Decay Naked Palette in original, 2, 3 or Smoky. Showstopper by Tarte and Boudoir Eyes by Too Faced are both fabulous palettes, too. I can’t imagine a beauty lover being disappointed when they receive this gift.

2 A Gift Set

A gift set of any kind will thrill a beauty lover. I’d think this was a fabulous gift! A couple that’ve recently caught my eye are the Fresh Mask Must-haves gift set and the Sephora Brow Raising Wardrobe. The Fresh Mask Must-haves gift set contains four different types of masks for various skin care concerns. The Brow Raising Wardrobe by Sephora is an amazing kit that has everything you need to have perfectly groomed brows.


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3 Lip Balm

If you’re low on cash, a lip balm set can be a good choice. EOS is a popular lip balm that comes in gift sets. The Bite Beauty Discovery Set sells for $55 if you want to spend a little more. It contains a lot of great products, 3 in mini size and 3 in full size. This’s a great way to try a lot of new products.

4 Makeup Brush Set

A makeup brush set is a wonderful gift to receive if you’re a beauty lover, which I definitely am so I can vouch for this! A girl who can spend hours wandering the aisle of Ulta is going to be thrilled to receive a brush set. There’re so many amazing sets you could choose. Some brushes I’m hearing great things about lately are the Real Techniques brand as well as brushes by Sephora. There’re so many different brush sets you can choose from by Sephora that there’s sure to be one that’s catches your eye.

5 Homemade Products

Homemade beauty products are fun to make and receive. Thanks to Pinterest, you can find recipes for many beauty products. Some of the most popular recipes include sugar scrub and lip balm. Both are great beauty staples to have with fall upon us. Your gift recipient will love receiving a gift that helps them fight off the harshness of cold weather months.

6 A Bath and Body Set

You can pick up a bath and body set practically anywhere. Walmart, Target, Bath & Body works and higher end stores carry a variety of bath and body sets. If you’re not sure what scent the person you’re shopping for enjoys then there’s always the option of doing a few different scents in sample sizes. Going with scents of the current season is an idea, too. A couple bath and body sets I love the fragrance of are Philosophy’s Twinkling Snowflake Trio and Bath & Body Works Brown Sugar And Fig, which is a classic but one I always return to!

7 A Gift Card to Their Favorite Beauty Store

You couldn’t make a beauty lover any happier than surprising them with a gift card to their favorite beauty store. It’s like a dream come true! They’ve probably got a wish list of products they’re dying to try and you just gifted them with the chance to do so. This’s also a very easy gift for you to shop for so everybody wins.

These’re 7 ideas to help you shop for the beauty lover in your life. Which of these gifts would you choose to give? I’d love to hear from you.

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