What is the Best Piercing According to Your Zodiac Sign ?


What is the Best Piercing According to Your Zodiac Sign ?
What is the Best Piercing According to Your Zodiac Sign ?

Are you a fan of body piercings? Want to know the best piercing for your zodiac sign? Have you recently felt the familiar urge to once again put your body through its paces and add another piece of metal to your ever expanding collection? Or perhaps you are a piercing virgin and are looking to make an impact with your very first foray into the world of body jewelry? Well, when it comes to finding inspiration and seeking guidance, what better way to look than towards the stars!? Here are the best piercing for your zodiac sign.

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You like to get a little freaky sometimes and you’re not ashamed of it! I think that a nipple piercing is definitely the way to go because you can hide it out of sight when you’re feeling demure, but whip it out for the right person when it’s time to let your freak flag fly!



If you are a typical Pisces, then you will definitely be a little edgy and not afraid of standing out in a crowd. Why not try a septum piercing? They are super on trend right now, and really complement a more edgy look.



You tend to be quite straight-laced and traditional, and an upper lobe piercing is a perfect way to stick to your classical nature whilst also injecting a little bit of fun into things. It’s still your ear, but its uncommon location will give you a fun edge.



You are equal parts practical and fabulous, so you need a piercing location to match. How about a rook piercing? It’s on the ear, so fits the practical side, but it’s an extremely interesting location that definitely makes it more fabulous than a simple lobe piercing!


Taurus, your love for luxury and comfort suggests that a piercing should not only be unique but also serve as a statement piece that complements your enduring style. The rook piercing is subtle yet sophisticated and can be adorned with a diamond or a gold hoop to indulge your sensual appreciation for the finer things. Let this piercing be a testament to your steadfast nature, with the added bonus that it's tucked away, minimizing the chances of snagging - aligning perfectly with your practical sensibilities. It’s a touch of elegance with every turn of your head.



You have a rebellious nature, so something like an industrial piercing would be perfect. Visible from afar, the bold bar between the parts of your upper ear makes a huge statement, and you can customize your bar to your own personality.


As an air sign characterized by adaptability and a love for all things novel, you're always ready to embrace new trends and make them your own. An industrial piercing not only satisfies your craving for something unique but also provides a canvas for self-expression. Gemini, your communicative and witty nature will shine through as you tell the story behind each chosen adornment. Whether you go for simple bars or bejeweled ends, it's all about making this piece of jewelry a part of your ever-evolving style narrative.



Tragus piercings are both delicate and tough, just like you! They sometimes require a little more care and attention than other types of ear piercings, but you won’t mind this at all, thanks to your perfectionist streak.


Cancerians are known to be loyal, nurturing, and sensitive. This makes them perfect for the tragus piercing. The tragus is located in the inner ear, just above the lobe, and is a great way to add an interesting and unique look to the ear. It can be a bit more difficult to heal than other piercings, but Cancerians are up to the challenge. With their attention to detail and perfectionist streak, they are sure to take the necessary steps to ensure that the piercing heals properly. Additionally, the tragus piercing is a great way to express their individuality and creativity.



You like to be the center of attention, so what could be more fitting than a piercing in your navel, the very center of your body! It’s also something that you can have fun customizing.



You like to be seen as cool but not too over the top, so a classic cartilage piercing is perfect. It’s the kind of piercing that isn’t too attention seeking but never goes out of style.



You are sweet and soft but you have a very cool edge, so something like a classic nose ring or stud would be a perfect choice. It’s a piercing that you can make look both soft and hard depending on the style of jewelry you pick.


Libras, ruled by Venus, are charming and harmonious by nature, craving balance and beauty in all they do. Your sense of aesthetics is always on point, making a sleek helix or an elegant daith piercing other excellent options for you. These can be adorned with minimalistic gems or intricate designs to reflect your inner equilibrium and your external grace. Remember, Libras, to choose a style that complements your sophisticated taste and enhances your natural allure. This way, your piercing won't just be an accessory; it'll be an extension of your personality.



You need a piercing that is as striking and sharp as you are, we think a nifty daith piercing is perfect. It’s not the quickest piercing to heal, but your patient nature means that this won’t be a problem, and you’ll love the final result.



Like any true Sagittarius, your life mantra is go big or go home, so why not go for it with a double nostril piercing? It is a piercing that is as unique and fiery as you are, a wonderful indicator of the personality right there glistening on your face!


You embody the spirit of adventure, and the double nostril piercing aligns with your fearless quest for freedom and truth. Embrace the symmetry it brings, symbolizing the balance you seek on your travels and philosophical explorations. This piercing choice not only stands out but also resonates with your bold nature, encouraging you to live life fully without hesitation. Dazzle with unique jewelry that complements your zestful spirit and captures the essence of your wanderlust.



You like to achieve a slightly posh appearance without too much fuss and effort, which makes a second earlobe piercing perfect for you. When you have two sparkling studs side by side it can look really elegant, and the piercing itself involves very minimal aftercare and upkeep.

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