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Pampering Spa Treatments for Women Who Need a Fix after the Summer ...

By Lauren

Every season takes its toll on your skin, hair and body in its own way. In summer it’s the sun, the ocean, pool chlorine and salt laden sea breezes. This means you need to make the appropriate changes to your skincare and hair treatment routine. It also means that there are certain spa treatments that are perfect for summer.

1 Rehydration Soak

One of the best summertime spa treatments you can get is a rehydration soak. The summer sun can sometimes have a really drying effect on the body, and a rehydration soak is the perfect antidote to toasted skin, providing a long, luxurious soak in a bath of silky coconut milk that will leave you feeling moisturized to the full. And not to mention, the scent that you are left with is absolutely divine!

2 Hydrating Facial

Makes sense, right? Why would you pamper and rehydrate your body and not do the same for your face? The skin on your face is even more susceptible to damage from the hot sun, so having a relaxing facial using great natural products like mango and cucumber will give your skin that extra boost that it needs to stay healthy and glowing in the heat of the summertime.

3 Bikini Wax

It’s not the most enjoyable treatment to have, but summer means swimwear, and the more time you spend wearing a bikini, the more aware you will become of your, ahem, downstairs area! A good quality bikini wax can last for a long time, so getting one before going on vacation is great option to add to your pre-trip schedule.

4 Pedicure

Summer is definitely the time of the year when your feet are on display the most. With sandals and flip flops being the footwear of choice during the hotter months, why not treat yourself to a nice pedicure and get your feet looking as good as the rest of your body? Pedicures are a really underrated treatment; you’ll be surprised how good you feel afterwards!

5 Sea Salt Scrub

The dry heat of the summer can sometimes lead to rough and calloused hands and feet, but there is no need to worry. This can easily be remedied by a rejuvenating sea salt scrub. The sea salt scrub works to remove any rough spots and dead skin, leaving smooth, soft hands and feet that you will love to show off in a pair of strappy sandals or flip fops. Not only does it look good but it feels great.

6 Seaweed Wrap

What better time than the summer to become one with the sea and indulge in a seaweed wrap? Seaweed is absolutely packed full of vitamins and natural antioxidants that work to smooth out any dryness and cracks in your skin that may have been burnt by the sun. It works almost as a natural detox, providing your body with a wonderful glow that is the perfect feeling for spending a day on the beach and making you feel like a brand new person.

7 Floral Massage

A lesser known treatment but one that is perfect for the summertime, a floral massage incorporates nature’s scents and a warm oil massage that will relieve all the muscle tension in your body and help you to enjoy the summer days even more. With the fragrances of honeysuckle, lavender and jasmine surrounding you, you will feel more at one with the summer than ever before, and for an extra bonus you could try having a floral massage whilst lying on the beach in the fresh sea air.

Try one or try them all. These spa treatments will make your summer so much better. Which are you going to book first?

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