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The Best Tattoo for Your Zodiac Sign ...

By Melly

You know what they say about tattoos, once you get one, you can’t stop! There is something super addictive about the pleasurable pain that comes from getting inked, not to mention the lifelong satisfaction of having a beautiful or meaningful piece of art placed on your body forever. If you are a tattoo lover and looking for some inspiration for your next booking or a tattoo virgin who wants to get your very first one, then here is the best tattoo for your zodiac sign!

1 Aries

You are someone who loves to figure things out and find the way to solve any situation, so a cool key design is perfect for you.

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2 Taurus

You are most comfortable in life when you feel like you are tethered to a certain spot and not swaying around, so there isn’t a symbol to better represent this than a classic anchor.

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3 Gemini

You can go with the flow better than any other sign, and a simple waves design is the perfect representation of your ability to roll with the punches.

4 Cancer

You are all about finding and enjoying balance in your life, so there is nothing better than a classic yin and yang sign somewhere on your body.

5 Leo

You are a true leader, a natural figurehead in both your family and your social circles. Make your leadership official with an awesome crown design!

6 Virgo

You are wise beyond your years, and the animal that best represents this is the owl. It’s your choice whether you want a cartoon style or realistic style, the important thing is that message remains the same.

7 Libra

You are a lover of weird and exotic things, and when it comes to tattoo designs, a wonderful, intricate peacock feather is perfect.

8 Scorpio

It really makes sense for you to get an awesome scorpion! It represents not only the name of your sign, but also your strong and commanding personality.

9 Sagittarius

You are someone who is constantly fighting against itchy feet and wanderlust, so getting a map design on your body is a way of paying homage to your love of exploring and adventure.

10 Capricorn

An intricate and beautiful clock face design is perfect for a Capricorn, because you are someone who is always very aware of your place in the grand scheme of things.

11 Aquarius

You are the peace maker in your family and your social circles, so it makes total sense to symbolise this on your body in the form of a beautiful dove.

12 Pisces

You can’t live with the melody and rhythm of music, all and every genre! Music soothes your soul, so a musical note tattoo should fit your personality really well.

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