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The 9 Face Shapes What's Yours?

By Neecey

Choosing hairstyles and learning makeup tricks and tips is a lot easier if you know your face shape. If you want a new cut or want to learn how to contour your makeup, just as examples, you can refine your searches to hone in on your face shape for great results. So what are the face shapes and how do you work out which is yours?

The 9 Face Shapes
Did you know there are 9 face shapes?

1 Oblong

OblongAn oblong face is longer than it is wide. You have a rounded chin/jawline which is the same width as you forehead and cheeks which means he sides of your face are straight.

Celebrities with an oblong shaped face:
Julia Roberts
Sarah Jessica Parker
Elle Macpherson
Hilary Swank
Jessica Alba

2 Rectangle

RectangleIt may have sounded like I was describing a rectangle in the oblong shape but although they are very similar in all other aspects, the defining difference between an oblong face and a rectangular face is the jawline. In an oblong face it is rounded. In a rectangular face, the jawline is square.

Celebrities with a rectangle shaped face:
Gisele Bundchen
Jessica Simpson
Joan Smalls

3 Round

RoundThe width and length of your face are essentially equal, and your cheeks are full and your chin is rounded. Round faces have few to no angles. You’re lucky too! Round faces generally retain their youthful appearance longer than other face shapes.

Celebrities with a round shaped face:
Emma Stone
Mariska Hargitay
Lindsay Lohan
Cameron Diaz

4 Heart

HeartIf you have a heart-shaped face you have a broad forehead and cheekbones. Your face is slightly longer than it is wide and generally tapers to a narrow, often pointed jawbone and chin.

Celebrities with a heart-shaped face:
Jennifer Lopez
Reese Witherspoon
Michelle Pfeiffer
Amanda Seyfried
Jennifer Aniston

5 Square

SquareThe width and length of the face are essentially equal in a square shape – just like in geometry. You have a broad forehead and a strong jawline. Your chin is wide as are your cheekbones.

Celebrities with a square shaped face:
Sandra Bullock
Keira Knightley
Angelina Jolie
Kirsten Dunst
Selma Hayek

6 Oval

OvalYou might think of this like an egg-shape – only it is a symmetrical egg. Your face has more length than width – usually by 1.5 times. Most oval faces have prominent cheekbones but your brow and jaw tend to be the same width.

Celebrities with an oval shaped face::
Megan Fox
Uma Thurman
Scarlett Johansson
Halle Berry

7 Triangle

TriangleSometimes called a pear shape, a triangular is fuller on the bottom than the top. Your forehead is tapered and that your jawline is the widest part of your face.

Celebrities with a triangle shaped face
Bette Midler
Minnie Drive
Geena Davis
Kathy Ireland

8 Inverted Triangle

Inverted TriangleYou might think an inverted triangle sounds like a heart shape. It is, except it doesn’t have the peak at the forehead. Your jawline and chin are slender, and usually pointed.

Celebrities with an inverted triangle face:
Victoria Beckham
Tyra Banks
Jennifer Love Hewitt

9 Diamond

DiamondA diamond face is an angular version of the oval face. You have high cheekbones and a pointed or angular chin. Like a diamond your forehead and chin are narrower than the central part of your face.

Celebrities with a diamond shaped face:
Nicole Kidman
Elizabeth Hurley

To ascertain your face shape, it is best to scrape your hair back so you can clearly see your forehead and jawline. And if you’re not sure, use a ruler or tape measure to check the length and width.

Like the celebs I've included, your face shape is open to
interpretation, so you may fall into more than one category.

Let us know your face shape!

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