The 9 Hottest Beauty Trends for Fall 2015 ...

Every year, my favorite part of NYFW isn't getting a sneak peek of next spring's fashions - it's getting a first look at the hottest trends for this fall. And this year is no different... the runways are flush with beauty inspiration galore. Here are a few of the trends to try in the next few weeks.

1. Flushed, Rosy Cheeks

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Set your summer bronzer aside and embrace the rosy-cheek trend! Apply a pretty pink to the apples of your cheeks... it's truly that simple!

2. Red Lips

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Red lips are classic, always in style. But this fall especially, you can't go wrong with a quick swipe of your favorite red.

3. Berry Lips

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If red lips are lava-hot, this fall, berry lips are even hotter. Try Dior Addict Lipstick in Gotha or Urban Decay Matte Revolution Lipstick in Afterdark.

4. Metallic Shadow

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Metallic shadow and liner have been making a slow but steady comeback, but they've finally made it big at NYFW. Treat yourself to a bronze shadow (like Kat Von D Metal Crush Eyeshadow in Synergy) and use it sparingly for an office-ready look, or layer it on for a night out.

5. Graphic Liner

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This is such a fantastic trend, a natural evolution of the cat's eye and winged liner. It's bold, creative, and fun. How will you wear graphic liner?

6. Smudgy Eyes

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Like red lips, smoky eyes are timeless. This season, though, make them messy, smudgy, and you'll be runway-ready.

7. Sleek Ponytails

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Messy updos and ponytails are on their way out, replaced by a sleeker, slicker look.

8. Deep Side Part

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Either with the sleek ponytail, or just with your hair down, another super-hot trend this fall is the deep side part. Use a little argan or coconut oil to tame those stray "baby" hairs, and you'll own this look.

9. Finger Waves

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Take a page from Gatsby and try finger waves! They'll add a little glam to your daytime work and your date-night looks.

Which of these trends are you dying to try? Or is there another look you saw on the NYFW runway you want to borrow?

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