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The Most Attractive Ways for Women to Sit and Stand ...

By Holly

When you're on a date, you want to look as beautiful as you possibly can. Even if you spent hours in front of the mirror and closet trying to do your makeup and pick out the perfect outfit, all of that preparation can all go to waste if you don't use the proper body language. The way that you position yourself can make you look appealing or unappealing, which is why you should follow these tips for sitting and standing:

1 Cross Your Legs at the Knee

clothing, human positions, leg, girl, beauty,When you're sitting down, you should cross your legs at the knees, especially if you're wearing a skirt or a dress. If you're flexible enough, then you should cross your legs a second time by wrapping your foot around the back of your ankle. It'll make you look elegant while showing your man just how much you can bend your body.

2 Stand in an S-Curve

clothing, dress, gown, fashion, abdomen,When you're standing, you shouldn't slouch. However, it's fine for you to lean on one leg and occasionally switch your weight to the other leg. While you're doing this, you should pop your hip in order to place emphasis on your cute curves. You can even place a hand on your hip if you'd like. Just refrain from crossing your arms, because it can make you look standoffish.

3 Roll Back Your Shoulders

clothing, red, flower, beauty, dress,Since you were a child, you've been told to sit up straight and keep your shoulders back. The part about your shoulders is especially important now that you're older, because it's a way to emphasize your chest. If you don't mind a man liking you for your body, then make sure that he's able to see how gorgeous your assets are.

4 Point Your Toes

clothing, high heeled footwear, human positions, leg, footwear,This one isn't just for men with foot fetishes. It will appeal to any guy who loves a lady with gorgeous legs. All you have to do is point your toes out when you're sitting cross-legged. It sounds like a silly little thing to do, but it can actually highlight the shape of your legs and draw attention to the length of them.

5 Dangle Your Shoe

footwear, high heeled footwear, leg, shoe, toe,If you want your man to really look at your legs, then you can dangle your shoe from your foot while you sit. To do this, you simply need to pop the heel of your foot out of your shoe and let it dangle from the edge of your foot by your toes.

6 Arch Your Back

clothing, human positions, supermodel, leg, dress,This is one of the most important tips to follow when you want to look sexy. After all, when you arch your back, your booty and breasts will stick out more. Since those are two attractive features on a woman, it's a great way to stand when you want to draw attention to your body.

7 Keep Your Feet Together

hair, clothing, human positions, photography, hairstyle,If you're worried about getting spider veins from sitting with your legs crossed all day, you can sit with your legs pressed together. Just make sure that you keep your feet together and your hands on top of your knees.

When you're alone in your room, feel free to slouch. However, when you're out on a date and want to impress a man, he won't be able to stop staring if you follow these tips. What standing and seated positions make you feel the most comfortable?

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