The New Rules πŸ“– That'll Keep You Looking πŸ‘€ Young ...

There comes a point in every girl’s life when she starts to notice the signs of aging and she goes on a constant quest to fight them off. Are you there yet? I am too! That’s why I’m always on the lookout for anti-aging advice that I can use and share with you. Here are some fabulous new rules on looking young no matter what age you are, courtesy of the experts at Redbook magazine. You’re going to love them!

1. Start Using a Soap-Free Exfoliating Cleanser Twice per Day

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As you get older, your skin is less and less able to exfoliate itself, making it important to use a product that gets the job done for you. Experts recommend using a soap-free exfoliator twice a day to get rid of dead skin cells and other junk hanging out on your face. This helps prevent aging by keeping your skin fresh and clean. Get into the habit now and you’ll be set for a lifetime of looking youthful.

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